Analytics Jobs of the Future (1st in a Series)

Jobs of the Future for analytics will be mid-high level jobs and rapidly replace low-skilled analytics jobs that are now fairly common here in the Philippines. 


Original content created by Jacqueline Belmonte, Assistant to the Executive Director of the Analytics Association of the Philippines. 

Analytics jobs have been increasingly changing as of late as technology changes, but how does Analytics perform in the larger landscape? This research is conducted to provide a view on Analytics as a growing job field in the Philippines. The research also aims to discuss Analytics as a recognized field today, used by 53% of companies to optimize their data into valuable insights for decision-making, targeting higher number by 2022.

In fact, APEC (the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), predicts that analytics jobs will more than double in the Philippines in the net 5 years.


The Era of Data has shifted the jobs of today and of the future as new technologies revolutionize the way how businesses deliver their products and services.

The customer experience has been the most important factor in retaining customers and is evident on how creative companies have been to stand among competition. Digging into customer’s activity will uncover customer behavior patterns that could be used in marketing.

In-demand mid-high skill & lucrative jobs are already starting to be significant in the market place here. Replacing the low skill jobs over time will be a challenge though, as the Philippines does not have enough talent to meet the industry demand hence, a looming analytics talent shortage.

A significant chunk of employed population with low skill and repetitive tasks will also be affected due to innovations like Artificial Intelligence if they will not upskill themselves to learning more complex skills like Data Science and Analytics.

The disruption of technology to the traditional business process can be mitigated with immediate communication of what’s about to happen and how to cope with it as an individual and an organization. Efforts will need to come from the industry, academe and government, working together

And that is where DMAIPH and the AAP come in.

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