What Sonic VA Can Do For Your Business

Spending too much time on manual work?

Free up your time today.

Sonic VA provides virtual staffing solutions to authors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and public speaker to optimize their business and increase profitability.

How it works?

Get started with 4 easy steps

  1. Sign up and provide us your job requirements.
  2. We recruit talented professionals based on your requirements.
  3. To find the right candidate and put them through relevant assessments.
  4. We setup interviews with 2-3 top candidates to pick the best virtual assistant for your business.

To ensure quality standards, a dedicated member from our Management Team will act us your Point-of-Contact

We are dedicated to providing hassle and worry-free Virtual Assistant Service with the highest level of skilled VAs picked intricately to fit your requirements.

We’ve been in the Virtual Assistant/Outsourcing business for ten years and we know how to find, enhance and retain Filipino talent to reach their full potential so they can provide exceptional service to our clients.

Sonic VAs can handle just about any task you need to be done using a computer, but our most popular solutions are:

  • Web Development using WordPress or Wix
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design and Creative Design
  • General Admin Tasks
  • Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting
  • Content Writing
  • Marketing Analytics & Management Reporting

Visit http://www.sonicva.com and get a VA today for less than $10 an hour.




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