Key Partnerships

DMAIPH is proud to be involved with the following key business partners in our efforts to advance analytics and data science in the Philippines:

  • Analytics Association of the Philippines
  • APEC Project DARE (Data Analytics Raising Awareness)
  • Business Analytics Society of Educators (BASE)
  • Data Science Philippines Meet Up Group
  • Global Chamber Manila


Data Science Philippines Meet Up Group

DMAIPH is a proud sponsor of the Data Science Philippines Meet Up Group.

With over 2,000 Data Science and Analytics Practitioners, we are the largest group of data geeks in the Philippines.

Our goals are to:

  1. a) Grow and nurture a healthy data science community in the Philippines.
  2. b) Promote the adoption of data driven decision making in PH business, government and the non-profit sector

We aim for each meetup to have something for beginners and experts alike.

Please take our Survey at SurveyMonkey to help us answer the questions, just how many data scientists are there in the Philippines anyway?

Our upcoming talks will cover topics such as predictive analytics, data visualization, machine learning and big data. As a technology agnostic group, you will be exposed to a range of tools such as R, Python, SAS, Hadoop, D3.js, Azure and everything in between.

Have an interesting data science project that you want to share to an audience? Volunteer to present! Just PM the organizers, and we’ll arrange for you to show your stuff at an upcoming meetup.


Analytics Association of the Philippines

The Analytics Council of the Philippines was founded in December 2016.

Our mission is to serve as a forum for furthering the training, teaching and use of analytics across the Philippines.

Our initial mission is divided into three areas:

  1. A venue to drive education and adoption of analytics for local corps to gain competitive advantage – e.g. provide jobs, training, skills, on the supply-side, and also educate clients on the reason for hiring analysts and doing analytics – on the demand-side.
  2. A mechanism to retool and upgrade our BPOs to become analytics providers to their clients – this is a subset of #1 but potentially a near-term position we can take and can help drive urgency from IBPAP and related parties.
  3. An advocacy to drive positive social change for the country through data – e.g. education, improve transportation, improve health, etc. – this helps with press buzz and may even put us on the agenda with multi-lateral government bodies (DTI, DICT, DOST, etc.) and foreign agencies as well.


APEC Project DARE (Data Analytics Raising Awareness)

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation:  Jobs requiring a familiarity with data analysis are forecasted to dramatically rise, resulting in a massive shortage of qualified employees. Some economies face a shortage of 1.5 million data analytics-enabled managers and analysts, costing billions of dollars in lost revenue annually (Source: McKinsey, 2016). Action must be taken urgently to avoid data-illiteracy becoming a significant constraint to economic growth.

This project will convene experts in 2017 to determine the data analytics competencies employers are demanding (a “Data Analytics

Competency Checklist”) to enable APEC youth to secure the jobs of tomorrow and move with ease in tomorrow’s labor market.  In addition, the project will seek to catalyze partnerships among employers, academic institutions and other interested stakeholders to implement the Checklist’s recommendations.


Global Chamber Manila

I am also proud to be part of the Global Chamber Manila, which helps members get business done across metro areas!

We are a thriving and collaborating community of CEO’s, executives, and professionals growing business across 500 metropolitan areas. We leverage technology and our collective networks around the world to help member companies grow, reduce risk, be more productive, and succeed faster.

Check out our website for more info. >>>

We are the only organization in the world with the mission to grow business from anywhere to anywhere while collaborating with every organization. We help companies, investors and business service providers around the world succeed.

I am honored to be serve on the Advisory Board for Global Chamber Manila. >>>


Business Analytics Society of Educators (BASE)

Link >

The Business Analytics Society of Educators (BASE), is a Special Interest Group, a non-stock/profit and a volunteered-powered association dedicated to the advancement of Business Analytics concepts and practices, as an important area of discipline in all business schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines.

BASE vision is to realize the full potential of our educators become more valuable as individual or as a group through education, community, research and advocacy in Business Analytics. BASE goals are the following:

  • Upgrade Business Analytics education framework;
  • Organize and encourage scientific research in Business Analytics;
  • Improve continuously the quality of instruction and contribute to the development of our educators;
  • Make Business Analytics plays an important role in the building and improving the country’s economy;
  • Promote Business Analytics as an important area of discipline in all schools, colleges and universities in the country;
  • Develop professionalism among members;
  • Build and establish networks with other associations and partnership with industries, inside and outside the country.
  • In achieving it’s the vision and goals, BASE is geared toward providing services, such as: (1) Conferences, Trainings and Events, (2) Books, Textbooks, Researches and Journals, (3) Certifications, (4) Development of Local Chapters and Knowledge Centers, (5) Industry Partnership and Collaboration and (6) Other related activities (e.g. Online activities)