Building Meaningful HR Recruitment Analytics: Techniques to Make Data-Driven HR Decisions

The two day class (Building Meaningful HR Recruitment Analytics: Techniques to Make Drive HR Decision Making) gets more in the weeds of HR & Recruitment analytics so to speak. This session goes into a wide range of techniques that can be use to ensure data-driven decisions thought the talent management process.

Next Class is May 25-26 @ Marco Polo in Ortigas. 

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Every recruiting organization is looking for a way to better understand what’s working and what’s not working in their recruiting strategy. By using meaningful HR Recruitment Analytics techniques, your recruitment efforts can be greatly enhanced.

With real-time recruitment metrics & reporting, we can finally know what’s happening in our pipelines and what channels provide us with most qualified candidates.

New technologies like social networks, applicant tracking systems and business intelligence applications are fundamentally changing the entire recruitment process from sourcing to placement.

The pressure to deliver results has never been greater. HR and Recruitment managers are now more than ever required to demonstrate the return on investment their efforts are contributing to the bottom line.

Building analytics centric teams and using techniques taught in this training session will empower more data-driven decision making. This will result in both process efficiency and better return in investment in the recruitment process.

With that in mind, DMAIPH has created a learning session entitled: Building Meaningful HR Recruitment Analytics: Techniques to Make Data-Driven HR Decisions

Learning Session Objectives:

  1. To learn analytics techniques that will allow quicker, deeper and more impactful analysis of HR Recruitment Big Data.
  2. To be exposed to cutting edge technology being used in other companies to build HR Recruitment business dashboards and design more powerful reports.
  3. To assess the current state of analytics in your HR Recruitment process and build a strategy to empower the greater use of analytics in your organization.

In this session, your organization will be able to use:

  • Develop analytic techniques that you can use to improve decision-making and improve the bottom line.
  • Explore analytics tools like business dashboards and data visualization to improve reporting.
  • Build a strategy to move your organization from current state to ideal state when it comes to the use of analytics.

In this session, your participants will be able to:

  • Take part in hands on analytics exercises based on real business data to understand how to identify, inventory and integrate HR Recruitment data into their recruitment processes.
  • Build an HR Recruitment focused business dashboard prototype.
  • Asses the current state of your business and come up with appropriate solutions to solve complex data challenges.

Who Should Attend: This session is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • HR and/or Recruitment Professionals
  • HR and/or Recruitment Managers
  • HR and/or Recruitment Analysts
  • Business Analysts working with HR and Recruitment teams
  • Senior leaders who work closely with HR and Recruitment

Section One: Analytic Techniques for Finding the Right Data at the Right Time

  • Describe what is Recruitment Analytics
  • Learn about the current trends in Recruitment Analytics
  • Discuss the current state of analytics in the Philippines
  • Describe the Importance of Effectively Analyzing Big Data in Business Today

Section Two: Focusing on Key Recruitment Metrics

  • Recruitment Metrics of the Past
  • Recruitment Metrics of Tomorrow
  • Defining Your Key KPIs
  • What is Your Most Important Metric
  • The Secrets of MoneyBall Recruiting

Section Three: Where is All the People Data In Your Business?

  • Come up with a Data Map to Analyze the People Data in your business.
  • Assess Your Current Analytics Culture
  • Recognize and Apply Various People Data Collection Methods
  • Establish Clear Objectives When Analyzing People Data

Section Four: A Multigenerational Workforce- What The Data Says

  • Apply a Process to capture multigenerational workforce data
  • Understand the unique characteristics of each generation
  • Predict workforce trends using internal data blended with public data
  • Use Findings from Big Data to Drive Decisions Within Your Organization

Section Five: Using Data to Market You Brand in a Buyer’s Market

  • Enhance communications and data sharing with the marketing team
  • Optimize the use of existing and past employee data
  • Find synergies across company social media sites

Section Six: Optimizing Applicant Tracking Systems & Social Media Analytics

  • Optimizing Excel for use as a talent pipeline
  • Break down the data silos within your business to maximize shared information
  • Invest wisely in an applicant tracking system that includes key metrics

Section Seven: Cutting Edge Business Intelligence, Data Visualization & Business  Dashboard Technologies

  • Optimize your use of MS Excel for Big Data analytics
  • Utilize BI Tools like Tableau Public• Discuss the concept of Data Visualization
  • Build a Business Dashboard Prototype

Section Eight: Winning HR Recruitment Analytic Strategies with Big Data

  • Be decisive in the use of your data to align with business strategy
  • Learn to be enchanting with your reporting so maximize impact
  • Become the data cheerleader of your organization

This two-day session will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes discussions, presentations, group exercises based on real life case studies and building a business dashboard prototype.


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