HR Predictive Analytics: Improving Talent Returns on Investment by Predicting Success

Learning Session Description

HR Predictive Analytics enable HR to forecast the impact of people policies on the well-being, happiness and bottom line performance of employees.

Predictive analytics are a rapidly upcoming trend in Human Resources. Even though a lot of people talk about predictive analytics in HR, hardly any organizations are really able to tie success in HR with success to the bottom line.

By applying predictive analytics to business data, HR should be able to add value as a strategic partner that relies on proven and data-driven predictive models, instead of relying on gut feeling and soft science.

Last year, Towers Watson found that one in three organizations planned to increase spend on their HR function by more than 20 percent, and HR data and analytics tools rated as one of the top areas for investment. However, just looking at HR data in isolation does not represent the best opportunity to make an impact.

In fact organizations today need to be able to use predictive analytics for a wide range of functions, especially to 1) measure employee engagement and workforce perceptions 2) predict employee turnover 3) predict employee performance and 4) monitor impact of business interventions.

This learning session provides a robust introduction to the key principles, policies, and practices of HR Analytics, with a focus on understanding choices and constraints, acquiring and onboarding talent, managing employee performance, and rewarding employees using predictive analytics.

Participants will outline a Strategic HR Predictive Analytics Road Map to bring together all the relevant data in a business and to design a HR Predictive Analytics.

Learning Session Objectives

  1. To learn analytics techniques that will allow quicker, deeper and more impactful analysis of HR Big Data.
  2. To be exposed to cutting edge technology being used to build predictive HR models.
  3. To assess the current state of analytics in your business and build a strategy to empower the greater use of predictive analytics in your organization.

Key Topics

  • HR Analytics Decision-Making Overview
  • Blending Data from Across the Organization
  • Building a Predictive Model Prototype
  • Improving Returns by Predicting Success

Attendee Outcomes

  • Attendees will be able to measure engagement and workforce perceptions using MS Excel.
  • Attendees can start to predict employee performance using a predictive analytics model
  • Attendees can design a strategy to monitor the impact of business interventions based on predictive analytics.

Case Study

As a case study we will discuss at a set of predictive models built by HP in a groundbreaking HR Analytics project.

In 2011, two data scientists at HP combined data of the previous two years and attempted to predict who would leave the organization. By using predictive models, they generated what they called a “Flight Risk” score.

As part of this learning session we will use the findings discovered by HP to build our own HR Predictive Analytics Models Prototype.

Learning Session One: HR Analytics Decision-Making Overview

  • Describe what is HR Analytics and how it is used in decision-making
  • Learn about the current trends in HR Analytics
  • Discuss the current state of HR analytics in the Philippines
  • Describe the Importance of Effectively Analyzing HR Big Data in Business Today

Learning Session Two: Blending Data from Across the Organization

  • Come up with a Data Map to Analyze the HR Data in your business
  • Assess Your Current HR Analytics Culture
  • Recognize and Apply Various HR Data Collection Methods
  • Establish Clear Objectives When Analyzing HR Data

Learning Session Three: Building a Predictive Model Prototype

  • Discuss Tools Used to Build Predictive Models
  • Looks Closely at the HP Case Study for predicting Flight Risk
  • Understand How to Prepare Data for Predictive Models
  • Design a HR Predictive Analytics Model

Learning Session Four: Improving Returns by Predicting Success

  • Discuss how to use Data Storytelling in HR Analytics
  • Talk about the concepts of Data Cheerleading and Enchantment
  • Develop Reporting to Share the ROI of your HR Predictive Analytics Efforts
  • Design a Strategy to Follow your HR Predictive Analytics Data Map and implement your HR Predictive Analytics Model

Who Should Attend

  • HR Analysts
  • HR Staff, Leads and Supervisors who are looking to build a predictive analytics function to their duties.
  • Managers of HR Analysts and HR Staff who devote a significant % of their time to analytics.
  • IT or Development Staff who work closely with HR data.
  • Business Analysts who work on organization wide analytics projects that include HR data.


Training Investment:
Early Bird Rate: P 6,000.00+ VAT (Pay on or before July 3, 2017)
Group Rate: 6,300+ VAT
Regular Rate: 7,300+ VAT (Starting July 4, 2017)

Investment Includes:
One- day HR Predictive Training, Training Materials, AM/PM Snacks, Lunch and FREE newly published Analytics Book.

Full course outline: