Stepping Up In A Time Of Adversity

Last week when I was in Boston meeting with a client, Metro Manila was hit by a Typhoon. I was really concerned both about how the timing might impact the business conversations and too about my teams safety.

Given the nature of our work, most of it being home based I was hoping our productivity wouldn’t be too impacted. As we got news of power outages and property damage impacting some of the team, I was so impressed with our clients level of genuine concern for the team.

As for my management team I was even more impressed with how they jumped into action and continued to work even with significant internet and power outages. Their devotion to the team and our business was remarkable. Our escalation procedures worked well and we kept communication flowing the whole time.

Most of the team itself stepped up even more as the storm left and the power came back. Their eagerness to make up hours to make sure our client was taken care of was utterly amazing.

In a time of adversity I can say I’ve never been prouder of a team for stepping up and taking care of each other.