Decision-Making, Analytics & Intelligence > Philippines is what I am all about.

My passion is solving problems by bringing together the best talent, cutting edge technology and tried and true methodologies. Empowering people towards better decision-making through the use analytics and business intelligence is what I do best.

The three primary skill sets I bring to the table are data-driven decision-making, analytics and business intelligence. I have mastered the application of all three disciplines across hundreds of projects in my career.


Besides founding DMAIPH, a Manila based company with over 60 employees, I am also the Executive Director of the Analytics Associations of the Philippines and a member of the Advisory Board for Global Chamber – Manila.

Dr. Data_Analytics in the Philippines

Here is My Story.

Dan Meyer established BPO Elite LLC, in the United States in 2010 and with the intention of setting up an analytics training and consulting business in 2012. After a 15 year career as a senior analyst with Wells Fargo Bank, Dan moved to Manila in May 2012 and immediately set up BPO Analytics Elite Inc.

During the next several months Dan trained over 75 fresh grads in the concepts of analytics and 2/3 were quickly able to find jobs as analysts in the BPO industry. BPO Elite was also hired as a consultant for a number of companies here in the Philippines.

In January 2013, Dan spun off some of his efforts into a new company, DMAI – Decision Making, Analytics and Intelligence. DMAI focuses on professional analytics training, management consulting and outsourcing. Dan has conducted several public trainings in 2013, training over 50 professionals for a wide range of top companies.

Over the next three years, DMAI grew to a team of almost 100 Filipinos working in a variety of analytics, customer care, graphic design and back office lines of business. At the same time Dan conducted dozens of analytics training classes on a wide range of topics in including Fundamentals of Business Analytics, HR & Recruitment Analytics, Big Data Analytics and Data-Driven Decision-Making. Dan personally trained over 2,000 Filipino professionals and students based on his passion for analytics.

In January 2016, Sonic Analytics was founded to take on additional consulting clients here in the Philippines as well as begun to provide outsourcing services for six overseas clients. Dan also continues to empower students and young professionals via speaking engagements across Metro Manila.

In 2017, I became Executive Director of the Analytics Association of the Philippines, served as a representative for the Philippines to APEC’s Project DARE and joined the advisory board of Global Chamber Manila.

All of these are part of me.

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  1. Hi DMAIPH,

    Good day!

    Just wanna ask your training calendar for Data Story Telling for Business for the 1st quarter of 2021, currently we are looking for training provider for our 7 colleague who will undergo the course, if there is any please do send me the details.

    Thanks and best regards!


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