April 18 – Ortigas – Industry-Academe

Industry – Academe Data Science and Analytics Conference 2018

April 18, 2018
University of Asia and Pacific, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

The Analytics Association of the Philippines in partnership with DMAIPH and UA&P is proud to present the Industry – Academe Data Science and Analytics Conference 2018.

With the theme “Bridging the Industry-Academe Analytics Gap through the APEC Data Science and Analytics Competencies”, the conference aims to help academic institutions craft and deliver Analytics programs that are relevant, applied and experience-building for the students and to help the industry gain access to graduates ready for analytics jobs.

One of the highlights of the event is the dialogue between the industry and the academe where we will work to bridge the gap between the current syllabi and the Recommended APEC Data Science and Analytics Competencies developed through Project DARE (Data Analytics Raising Employment), an initiative led by the United States Department of Labor under APEC’s Human Resources Development Working Group and endorsed by the APEC Business Advisory Council.

Why Focus on APEC’s Data Science and Analytics Competencies?

Jobs requiring a familiarity with data analysis are forecasted to dramatically rise, resulting in a massive shortage of qualified employees. According to reports, some economies face a shortage of up to 1.5 million data analytics-enabled managers and analysts, costing billions of dollars in lost revenue annually. There is an urgent need to ensure that the future workforce is equipped with data analytics competencies to secure the jobs of tomorrow and move with ease in the labor market.

This is where Project DARE comes in. Project DARE aims to facilitate development of a data analytics-enabled workforce across the APEC region to effectively support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. To do so, Project DARE developed a set of Recommended APEC Data Analytics Competencies which will be a resource to academic institutions and governments to align curricula, courses and programs so APEC economies are equipped to educate its workforce with the data analytics skills needed by employers in a data-driven future.

How was the Recommended Data Analytics Competencies Developed?

The Recommended APEC Data Analytics Competencies was developed through a public-private partnership with input from over 40 Advisory Group members comprised of distinguished business and higher education leaders who oversee data science and analytics needs for their organization and data science inter-disciplinary initiatives and curriculum. The Advisory Group was led by the private sector partner co- chairs, global skills and knowledge company Wiley and the Business Higher Education Forum (BHEF), with technical support by the EDISON (Education for Data Intensive Science to Open New Science Frontiers) Project. AAP’s Founding Members, Mr. Karlo Panti, Dr. Breda Quismorio, Mr. Sherwin Pelayo, Mr. Dan Meyer and Dr. Eugene Rex Jalao.


DMAI - Logo_ver2-02-01

Analytics Education – Facilitating a mastery of the fundamentals of analytics is what DMAIPH does best. As a key parnter of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Project DARE initative, DMAIPH champions the use of using data. All across the world, companies are scrambling to hire analytics talent to optimize the big data they have in their businesses. We can empower students and their instructors with the knowledge they need to prepare for careers in data science and analytics. Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly so we can set a guest lecturer date, On-the-Job Training experience or other analytics education solution specifically tailored to your needs.


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