Analytics Solutions

DMAIPH in conjunction with Sonic Analytics is proud to offer the following analytics solutions:

  • Business, Data and HR & Recruitment Analytics consulting for businesses, organizations and schools. If your team needs to learn how to make better, more data-driven decisions, we can show you how.
  • In-house, corporate, public and classroom training on a variety of analytics themed topics. Our President & founder is an expert in a wide range of analytics as well as the holder of a Master’s Degree in Education. His unique approach makes him one of the most in demand trainers and public speakers in the Philippines.
  • Analytics centric outsourcing services for small and medium businesses. We specialize in setting up virtual teams and brokering partnerships between U.S. client and service providers in the Philippines.

DMAIPH also works in partnership with Sonic Analytics, Ariva Events Management, Cyrillytics and Data Seer to offer the following public learning sessions.

Big Data Analytics:

Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (1 Day)  >>>

Executive Master Class on Big Data Analytics (2 Days)  >>>

Rock Stars of Data Series: Transforming Your Business with Analytics and Data Management (2 Days)  >>>

Rock Stars of Data Series: Three Pillars of Data Science  (3 Days)   >>>

HR & Recruitment Analytics

HR Big Data and Recruitment Analytics (2 Days)  >>>

HR Predictive Analytics (1 Day) >>>

HR & Recruitment Analytic Techniques Masterclass (2 Days)   >>>

Augment BPO

Analytics for Team Leads (2 Days)  >>>

Analytics for HR Managers and Leaders (2 Days)  >>>

Sales Analytics

Two Day Sales Analytics: Quantitative Results Through Qualitative Approaches  >>>

Data-Driven Decision-Making

One Day Data-Driven Decision-Making Master Class  >>>