BPO Elite Blog Post #11 – What does the year 1849 conjure in your mind?

I want to give you all an update on two incredibly significant events that happened last week and that have pushed our company’s Philippines expansion plans closer to being a successful reality.

In conjunction with my own viewpoint, please read this recent article from Reuters

I attended a CEO briefing sponsored by the Business Process Assoicaiton of the Philippines. I was able to network with and meet with several significant players that will be beneficial connections as we build our credibility and tie-up with various BPOs to provide them with much needed talent. The figures are staggering when it comes to the projected needs of the BPO industry when it comes to the types of training we do… analytical skills, problem solving and critical thinking combined with hands on training are a very rare commodity and as the BPO industry grows they will only be more scarce. BPAP has a committee charged with instituting a BPO preparation tract within the top schools. The tract in includes classes in among other subjects, Fundamentals of BPOs, Analytics and Call Center Management.

I also had discussions with one of the top schools in the Philippines, De la Salle – College of St. Benilde, they will begin implementing these BPO centric types of classes as soon as the 2nd trimester of this upcoming school year. Its very exciting to see them take on some of the innovative ideas that will better prepare tomorrows leaders in the Philippines. Many, many of the things BPO Elite has been doing the past year with our analytics focus and our internship program line up with CSB’s plans.

Overall, we (meaning BPO Elite) are indeed looking at an opportunity that I will compare to the California Gold Rush of 1849. There already are and will be many more “prospectors” trying to get rich off of all the money being allocated by the government and invested by multinational corporations trying to get a piece of the pie. But it’s a huge pie and there is ample room for us if we are able to execute our plans.

Ok, I know that was a lot of information, but it’s the way I roll! LOL!

We have come a long way in just a week of me being here and with God’s grace our progress will continue to be productive and our efforts will bear much fruit!


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