BPO Elite – Blog Post #12 – That one day you wake up and everything is different

After reading Seth Godin’s blog this morning, I was reminded of the day I decided to not follow the narrative anymore and started to change my story.
It was a cold and rainy morning in November and I had been considering leaving my stable, safe and financially enticing career of 15 years for several months. Up until that morning, I would wake up, think about an alternate path to the future, but in the end go about living the same narrative.
With so many considerations on my mind like health care, retirement benefits, financial stability it’s no wonder most people ever change the narrative of their lives. But finally I had decided to take the leap of faith, to dive off into the unknown… to start writing my own narrative and change the story.

Through a combination of love, faith, connectedness and passion I walked into my boss’s office and tendered my resignation. Since that day I have faced even more challenges and difficulties then before, but my capacity to handle them and my ability to remain positive have been supercharged. In the five months since that day the story changed from a slow-developing, methodically paced novel to an adventure story worthy of Indiana Jones.

When you wake up tomorrow, will you extend the narrative or will you change the story of your life?


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