BPO Elite Blog Post #17 – KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing


It has become a daily occurance for me to come across articles like the one about the tout the amazing level of opportunity here in the Philippines. For every risk or concern, there are a dozen reasons to be bullish about the near future and long term future here. And for companies like BPO Elite who work primarily in the KPO space, its even more true. To see a government and a people trying to revitalze and reinvent their entire publie education system to address real world needs is amazing. Combine that with the amount of hot money being infused by oursourcing and remittances and then add that to the dempographics and you get a perfect storm of economic development that I see every single day here. As for KPO, its a need growing in leaps and bounds. SO many companies are trying so hard to get their hands around the Big Data they have in their databases and there are so few people who have the analytic skills and preperation to make use of it. KPO + Big Data – number of analysts = big opportunity for BPO Elite!!!!!


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