BPO Elite Blog Post #18 – I am all about my brand


For those of you who have worked with me since the launch of BPO Elite, you know how much I talkabout how important building our brand is. All those years with Wells Fargo taught me a lot about the power of branding. Being involved with marketing our products I learned to truly appreciate the power of a symbol, a logo, a color palette, a motto… working for one of America’s oldest and most admired banks was truly a great experience.

I’ve also come to respect the power my favorite brands have over me. If a restaurant serves Pepsi, I often just have water instead of my beloved Coke. I seriously plan on only ever buying Hondas. You can talk to me about how Android phones are better than iPhone until you are blue in the face and I’ll still love my iPhone. I am a marketers dream come true, I am extremely brand loyal. Now my goal is to make BPO Elite the brand the call center industry turns to when they need a trusted source of analytics solutions.

One of the most influential books I’ve ever read is Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki. He talks about the lessons he learned being the first of Apple’s Evangelists. I saw him give a keynote speech recently on the power of branding and how great brands enchant their customers. This is my dream for BPO Elite, to be thought of as a company who enchants customers.

I love all the new ways to spread a brand that are now available and can give a company like mine the presence that not too long ago was only for the Fortune 500. Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, FourSquare, Tout, Yelp… the list grows every day. And I use them all to share our story, to enchant you with our service and to convince you to be brand loyal to us.

But there is one I have not used yet, and surprisingly its one of the pioneers of allowing new small business to compete with the big boys. YouTube! BPO Elite needs a YouTube video. So stay tuned to see how we position the BPO Elite brand next.


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