Integrated business intelligence tracking with Cyfe

Stumbled across this Analytics Dashboard Builder Today. Looks pretty cool.

Cyfe is a business-intelligence tracking platform that lets users create custom dashboards with widgets. After you’ve got Cyfe set up, you can monitor your social media, marketing, sales, analytics, support, infrastructure and more. It pulls data from your business records and from popular services such as Google and Salesforce to provide you with relevant data in easy-to-read and easy-to-download formats.

This service allows even the smallest startups to gain insight and use data in a way that was once reserved for enterprises with investments in staff and servers built to crunch numbers. Simply put, it enables leaders that leverage numerous online tools for daily tasks to customize perspectives vital to accomplishing specific goals, rather than tediously extracting data from multiple sources and trying to make sense of it all.

Unlimited dashboard configurations and widgets are available at only $19 per month. Powerful real-time and visual business intelligence is no longer the exclusive privilege of large enterprises.

I’m gonna play around with it and hopefully it will be something I can get my team up and running with and then I can include it in my trainings! 20141203193138-5-tech-tool-help-compete-with-big-guys


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