Right Now I’m Thinking About Engagement


This article is full of interesting viewpoints and could easily lead to a half dozen blog posts.

However, right now I am really thinking about employee engagement.

Engagement is a tricky emotion. When someone is truly engaged in their work its special. Most of the time most of us are mostly engaged, but not really feeling it all the time. And sometimes our engagement is on a mostly negative level.

So how does a company keep the majority (if not all) of its employees engaged most of (if not all of) the time? Well, based on my own experience, nothing makes me feel more engaged then more work than I can handle, but not so much that it’s impossible. The sense of always having something to do, coupled with a consistent sense of accomplishment is what drives me towards engagement.

During my 15 years with Wells Fargo, I had some years where I was fully engaged and a few where I was not.
By far, my most accomplished years where there ones where I felt vital to the success of the business. So how to replicate that with everyone around me today?

I’ve got a team of over 60 people, most working independently from home. Only a handful have been with me for just over a year, the rest all less than a year. Our jobs are very much an ebb and flow kind of work, where we seem to have periods of too much and periods of not enough work to do to keep everyone engaged. So that’s what I think about a lot.

Starting in January, we are going to kick off a few new side projects to give team members more opportunities to feel productive during the slow times and we are going to institute a more structured incentive plan to reward hard work in the fast times.

Let’s see how that goes towards upping the engagement level. Given I’m one who rarely feels completely satisfied and is always looking for ways to adapt, enhance and improve… I optimistically wonder where this will take us.

2014 was all about building the foundation. 2015 will be all about putting up the house so that it comfortably fits us all.