BPO Elite Blog Post #5 – Marketing by Sharing Content


I read this article and it really got me thinking. As a fledgling consulting business, getting our brand out in front of people is priority one. Social media has been a huge key in my efforts to share our story. Sharing articles and information across social networking platforms is actually a lot of fun. I’ve come across several other consulting firm CEOs who do the same thing. They have a blog; they are constantly posting on LinkedIn and Facebook. They have Twitter, are checking out the newest hot site Pintrest. All in All I feel like this is the way to go. However as CEOs, it’s not always the best use of our time. So we need to find trusted and competent evangelists for our services. Guy Kawasaki, who was one of the original evangelists at Apple, wrote an amazing book called Enchantment and I’ve been referring to it on a regular basis. It really helps someone like me explain to friends and family how to market BPO Elite. It’s not about being the cheapest or the most innovative, but its about providing our customers with an experience that they will never forget and will in turn even become advocates for your business. This kind of good will is something that I am trying hard to leave with every person I talk with about BPO Elite. What we are doing is so much more than just providing solutions and fixing problems. It’s about connecting people who need something with people who have that something to offer.
My job is like an amazingly huge connect the dots game. So what does all this have to do with Marketing by Sharing Content? Well, whenever one of my team talks about our company and what we do, it’s in the vein of sharing our story… and our story is about empowering businesses with strategic solutions. The key word is empowering… its overused and a lot harded to do then you might think. Empowering, which to me is closely related to enchanting, is all about taking some form point A to point B and then letting them get to point C. It’s like the old adage, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” Those who are part of the BPO Elite team get this. When we share things with each other and with you, we are trying our best to empower you to take the information we have and make use of it. If we do that, then you will find BPO Elite to be an enchanting experience.


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