BPO Elite Blog Post #4 – Its Halftime in America -Clint Eastwood Video

Wow! This commercial made me tear up. Its so much more then a car commercial, its a statement on America’s virtues. It play right to the patriotic core most American’s share. Its well timed as the auto industry, unemployment and economic development are all starting to rebound in the United States. I’m sure there are plenty of doubters and cynics who were not impressed and many others who do not appreciate the arrogance that so many Americans have about our importance in the world. However, to a lot of people this commercial captures exactly how we as a collective nation feel. We have hope, we are resliant and we will find a way. All this talk of America in decline is important because its keeps us realistic and allows us to be pragmatic about solving our problems. It reminds us that we cannot be complacent and be victims of our own mistakes and poor choices. We have to step up our game and find new and creative ways to make a difference in this world. I’ve watched this video several times already and each time it stirs my soul, but most importantly it reminds me that I’m proud to be an American.