A moments pause to reflect on things…

I was just cleaning out my inbox, when I came across an e-mail from a few months back with a timeline of upcoming activities for my company. It’s an amazing testament of faith to see that everything on the timeline has taken place exactly as planned. Some of the highlights include:
– Travel to the Philippines to set up business partnerships
– Lay the groundwork to teach a class in Analytics
– Expand our internship program to UC Berkeley
– Help small businesses develop a strategy through our consulting efforts
– Launch a BPO Elite Blog
– Finalize our business plan

I’m humbled by all that we have been able to accomplish in a few short months and now more than ever am empowered to set forth another timeline to outline the next few months in the adventure that is BPO Elite. Just thought I’d share this in the hope that it inspires someone else to reach for the stars themselves!