The Philippines is Going Beast Mode! 3 of 3

Philippines and ChinaSharing my thoughts on some great Bloomberg visuals my good friend Justin Calderon used in a recent story he put together.

Beast Mode is an American Football term for a player who singlehandedly dominates a game. This is the third of three visuals I will breakdown and comment on.

This slide is quite interesting both because of the data behind it and the significance that can be distilled from it. The data shows a truly remarkable moment in for the Philippines, if you asked 100 people (Filipinos, Chinese Americans, anyone) if they thought it was possible for the growth of the Philippines economy to match the growth rate of the Chinese economy, you’d be lucky to find 1-2 people who would believe it.

Of course you have to keep the size of the economies in mind as the Chinese economy is many times larger in total GDP than the Philippines economy. But still, it’s a remarkable achievement for an economy that has not such a lot of positive trends in many, many years.

Now for the significance of it… the fact that it surprises is where the real power is. Its and OMG moment for Filipinos to take pride in the country and to try to go even further. To push accountability within the government, to reinvest in and reinvent education, and to help their fellow countrymen to rise up and push this trend of being a new economy of significance onward and upward.

So take the three slides we have reviewed; (1) the economy of the Philippines is growing significantly faster than its ASEAN neighbors, (2) demographics favor almost unlimited potential and (3) the story of the economic growth is something that will make people stop and take notice. And that is the power of data visualization.