The Philippines is Going Beast Mode! 2 of 3

ASEAN Demographics

Sharing my thoughts on some great Bloomberg visuals my good friend Justin Calderon used in a recent story he put together.

Beast Mode is an American Football term for a player who singlehandedly dominates a game. This is the second of three visuals I will breakdown and comment on.

This slide tells me so much. Based on this I am convinced that its time to revamp my plans for training fresh grads in analytics. Look at how much younger the Philippines is then its neighbors! Combine this remarkable demographic datapoint with other factors like the investment being made in the BPO/Call Center industry, the education system geared to produce American style English, and the size of the talent pool.

When you do that you see what I see, an amazing opportunity to be in the middle of all the training, skill building and mentoring that will be needed to prepare this population boom for the jobs of the next 10-20 years.

In the previous post, it was noted how quickly the Philippines economy is accelerating and here you see a snapshot of the future. There are still so many potential detractors and possible hindrances ahead, so you have to pay them mind. However, its data points like that, backed up by analysis and on the ground intelligence that have me convinced its time to go back and jump in!