Analyzing Social Media Campaigns

I have been working on a project for six week now and have enough data to do some analysis. The campaign is a social media one where a client asked me to help connect her company with more potential clients. Given budget and time constraints, my suggestion was to use LinkedIn to market her services to a wide audience of potential referrers, partners and clients.

I’m using a methodology I learned a while back with Wells Fargo>
1. Plan
2. Execute
3. Measure
4. Analyze
5. Optimize

social media1

The client came back with some goals, which at the time seemed reasonable. Connect with 50 potential clients a week, of which we should be able to convert 3 or so to active leads. This was going to be a 10 hour a week commitment on my part.

So I built a LinkedIn ID and started networking. I created a new one as opposed to using my existing one as I didn’t want to confuse my connections to think I was now working for a different company. I didn’t have a lot of predicting if evidence that this strategy, our goals or the process were sound… they just made sense.

After six weeks I can see where we have misfired in a couple of places. Early on it became clear that getting connected with actual people who would be clients would be a challenge because (1) they are in a different industry than most of my natural connections and (2) there is not a high % of these people on LinkedIn. So I focused more on referrals early on and it got some good buzz going but no hot leads.

Two weeks in I started switching connecting with more existing businesses who do similar things so the we could look for partnerships. This actually lead to a lot of discussion among some LinkedIn groups and several email conversations, but again no real deals in the works.

The past two weeks I have now switched tactics again to hone in on potential clients. After four weeks of building up my network, I have a number of practitioners who might be clients, but I am finding our offer a hard sell. What we offer is not something that is an easy sell by any means and trying to drum up business via an e-mail to a new connection on LinkedIn in akin to needle hunting in hay stacks.

So with two weeks left in the campaign, I am going to modify my tactics again to mainly revisit old leads and trying to re-engage ones that didn’t go hot right away but still have potential.

In the end I will have half of what I promised I would deliver… 200 new connections who know about the company and our product and have the potential to refer, partner or buy. But the other half of the goal… 24 new hot leads that ideally would lead to a few buyers still looks elusive.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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