About Me… something I threw together for a client proposal


Dan Meyer established BPO Elite LLC, in the United States in 2010 and with the intention of setting up an analytics training and consulting business in 2012. After a 15 year career as a senior analyst with Wells Fargo Bank, Dan moved to Manila in May 2012 and immediately set up BPO Analytics Elite Inc.

During the next several months Dan trained over 75 fresh grads in the concepts of analytics and 2/3 were quickly able to find jobs as analysts in the BPO industry. BPO Elite was also hired as a consultant for a number of companies here in the Philippines.

In January 2013, Dan spun off some of his efforts into a new company, DMAI – Decision Making, Analytics and Intelligence. DMAI focuses on professional analytics training, management consulting and outsourcing. Dan has conducted several public trainings in 2013, training over 50 professionals for a wide range of top companies.

In recent months, DMAI has also taken on additional consulting clients here in the Philippines as well as begun to provide outsourcing services for six overseas clients. Dan also continues to empower students and young professionals via speaking engagements across Metro Manila.

Dan conducted seven sessions of the two-day, An Introduction to Analytics for Fresh Grads and Young Professionals between May and November 2012. In all he instructed over 75 trainees who he then helped find work as analysts. Over 2/3 found work as analysts in the BPO industry within a few months with various companies including Accenture, Citibank, Genpact, Emerson, Sencor, and GL Advisor

So far in 2013, Dan has also conducted six analytics and decision-making themed public trainings for professionals. Mainly targeting HR and Recruitment professionals, these interactive one day workshops have been attended by over 100 trainees. Some of the companies represented include McDonalds, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Manulife, iRemit, Lexmark, DestucheBank and Sitel.

Dan has also conducted in-house analytics trainings for the management team and staff of several companies here in the Philippines including Microtel, Kalibrr, and Medexcel Global Solutions.

Dan has worked as a consultant on a range of analytics themed projects for a variety of BPO companies here in the Philippines including GL Advisor (staff recruitment), Jumbo Shipping (outsourcing jobs from Holland), Microtel (setting up an HR and manpower business), Genpact (training junior staff on career opportunities as an analyst) and Medexcel (social media marketing campaigns).

Dan has set up several outsourcing analytics projects of various sizes and capabilities with companies from overseas including Dimedius (a Houston based healthcare consulting business, currently providing market research and demographics analysis), Kass Consulting Group (a Boston-based outsourcing firm, provided internet research on current trends and facts in outsourcing), ZoneApps (a Boston-based mobile application developer, provided content management for their mobile app), ArtFact (a Boston-based online auction house, managing a virtual team of eight social media analysts and customer service reps), IQR (an India based analytics outsourcing company, sub-contracted to provide data analysis and client presentations) and StatMarin (a San Francisco based analytics outsourcing company, sub-contracted to provide marketing campaign analysis)

Speaking Engagements
August 2012 – HR and Recruitment Summit in Quezon City
February 2013 – St. Benilde IT Summit at College of St. Benilde
September 2013 – Innovation Bootcamp at St. Scholastica College
October 2013 – Startup Challenge at College of St. Benilde

In addition, Dan volunteers to go to schools to talk about careers in the BPO industry as part of his membership in BPAP. To date Dan has spoken at a number of schools including CSB, PUP, and UMak.

Dan has appeared as a featured guest on a number of local media outlets around Metro Manila to talk about analytics, the BPO Industry and decision-making for SMEs. Some of the outlets include GNN, DZBB and the Armed Forces Radio.


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