Sharing A Friend’s Post > My headset was my weapon once upon a time in my life

Sharing a post from a longtime friend and business partner… because I feel the EXACT same way!!!

I started in customer service myself and 20 years later here I am, the owner of my own call center.

Tonichi Achurra, Vice President Philippine Operations at Teleperformance Philippines

My headset was my weapon once upon a time in my life.

When I was asked to wear a headset for a shoot, so many memories of my life on the phones started to trickle in. I still wear my headset when I listen to calls side by side with an agent BUT wearing it and remembering how I was once a call center agent – it was surreal.

The POINT IS, I wanted to post a pic of me with my headset because when I was a call center agent, I didn’t have an opportunity to post a picture of it with pride. WHY? There was no FB yet. LOL


Anyway, to all the Call Center Agents of the Philippines a lot has been said but what is important is that:

We BELIEVE in your ability to provide excellent service to our customers all over the world

We TRUST you to uphold the work ethics that we value and live by

We ADMIRE your resilience, flexibility and willingness to work extremely challenging hours in order to have a decent living to provide for your loved ones

We SALUTE your perseverance to pursue a dream – of a better life and a successful career

YOU are the New Age Heroes of the Philippines! Love your job and it will love you back!

Proud that I was once upon a time, a call center agent. Cheers to my friends, who were beside me during that time .. BOY did we have so much fun!


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