Data Storytelling That Really Works

Over the past year or two, there has been a huge buzz around data storytelling.

Like so many other buzzwords associated with analytics, people get caught up in the hype and think they have finally found the magic solution to putting their big data to work.

I have attended dozens of conferences and have frankly been underwhelmed by most of those out there talking about data storytelling like its rocket science that costs a lot to deliver.

I have also heard direct feedback from a number of companies who have privately complained that the high priced, high tech data storytelling trainings on the market do not meet their needs.

So, in response to these facts I have come up with my own training on data storytelling. Specifically tailored for the Filipino professional and full of hands on exercises that can be practically applied.

Dan Meyer Quotes 2

This two-day workshop is currently only being offered as an in-house training. Please contact us through to learn how to book us for Data Storytelling That Really Works.

SECTION ONE – Preparing Big Data for Storytelling

Successful storytelling starts with having clean, accessible and organized data. We will start with an overview of tips for good data governance.

SECTION TWO – Knowing Your KPIs

You have to narrow down your data elements into the ones most key to your business. We will conduct an exercise to help us boil down all the data we have into just the 2-3 key points we need for our story.

SECTION THREE – Storyboard Your Data Story

Before we get into designing any visuals, we need to think of about the flow of our story from end to end. Tale part in a classic storyboarding exercise just like they do at Disney.

SECTION FOUR – Using Business Intelligence Tools for Storytelling

There are many tools out there that we can use to facilitate storytelling. We will optimize the BI tools you have in house as well as free online tools to get the best bang for your buck.

SECTION FIVE – The Key Elements of Data Visualization

Most people just through together a bunch of charts and graphs. That rarely works well. Master the various types of data visuals so you always use the best visual to explain your data

SECTION SIX – Business Dashboards for Storytelling

At the core of your data story needs to be a venue for your audience to play with the data themselves. Learn how to design impactful dashboards and build a business dashboard prototype

SECTION SEVEN – Building the Narrative

For most analysts and data scientists, the hardest part is what to do with your data and analyze once you have it. Let me show you how to craft your data into a narrative that will truly influence your audience.

SECTION EIGHT – Delivering Impactful Data Stories

Now its time to bring it all together. Apply the key elements of data storytelling to make more compelling analysis and reporting.


Dan Meyer heads Sonic Analytics, an analytics advocacy with offices in Manila and the San Francisco Bay Area. With over 20 years in Big Data, Dan is one of the most sought-after public speakers in Asia and has recently begun offering public training seminars in the United States.

Sonic Analytics( brings big data analytics solutions like business intelligence, business dashboards and data storytelling to small and medium sized organizations looking to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities. We also advocate the use of analytics for civic responsibility through training, consulting and education.

As citizens of this great democracy, we need to look at the data (analytics), plan a course of action (strategy) and share our data-driven viewpoints (presentation). This approach to a data savvy work force starts in school. So, we started an internship program to empower our youth to use Analytics, plan Strategy and Present their insights… ASP!

When not training current and future analysts, you can find Dan championing the use of analytics to empower data-driven citizenship. His latest causes include supporting a 3rd Party initiative called the Service America Movement — SAM (, a non-profit providing legal assistance for immigrants  known as RAICES and  ( and Immigrant Families Together – an effort to unite immigrant families (


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