How Many Data Scientists are There and is There a Shortage?

Recently saw this article on KDnuggets (check them out if you aren’t already subscribed) and thought it was worth using to update some of my slides about the current talent shortage for Data Science & Analytics (DSA) skills.

This shortage is definitely acute here in the Philippines.

The 2011 McKinsey report on Big Data said that “The United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with analytical expertise and 1.5 million managers and analysts with the skills to understand and make decisions based on the analysis of Big Data.”

In 2014, KDnuggets examined “How Many Data Scientists are out there?” and came with an estimate of 50-100,000, and did not see much evidence of a massive shortage then. In 2014, we found only about 1,000 job ads for “Data Scientist” on 

Now that we reached 2018, KDnuggets has examined how accurate were those predictions and tried to answer three questions:

1. Is there a shortage of Data Scientists now?
2. How many “Data Scientists” are there , both in name and in function ?
3. What are the future prospects for Data Scientists?


The answer to the first question is a resounding YES!
  • LinkedIn Workforce Report for US (August 2018) says “Demand for data scientists is off the charts  … data science skills shortages are present in almost every large U.S. city. Nationally, we have a shortage of 151,717 people with data science skills.
  • Note that LinkedIn reports shortages for people with “Data Science Skills”, not necessarily people with “Data Scientist” title.
  • We can estimate the demand for “Data Scientists” from two popular job search sites – indeed and Glassdoor.
  • Search on for “data scientist” (in quotes) in USA finds only about 4,800 jobs. However, in a search for data scientist without quotes, about 30,000 jobs.
US is the largest but not the only market for Data Scientists. We can also see strong demand for Data Scientists elsewhere:
  • UK: 1,100 jobs
  • Germany: 900 jobs
  • France: 718 jobs
  • Philippines: 599 jobs  — You Read That Right! More than India.
  • India: 500 jobs
Glassdoor search for “Data Scientist” finds about 26,000 jobs in USA (same results if quotes are removed).
Question 2: How Many “Data Scientists” are There, Both in Name and in Function?

Google search defines a data scientist as “a person employed to analyze and interpret complex digital data, such as the usage statistics of a website, especially in order to assist a business in its decision-making.”

There are many people in the industry and academia who do this work without having the formal title of a data scientist, since Data Science is an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of Statistics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Business. We can estimate the current population of Data Scientist by examining popular data science platforms.

Kaggle (now part of Google) is a platform for data science  and analytics competitions. It claims to be the world’s largest community of active data scientists.

While not all Data Scientists take part in Kaggle competitions or have a Kaggle account, and not all Kagglersdo work of data science, it is reasonable to assume a large overlap.

On Sep 19, 2018 Kaggle says they surpassed 2 million members in August 2018.

Since not all Kaggle members are active, Kaggle membership is probably a global upper bound for people engaged in data science.

KDnuggets is now reaching over 500,000 unique visitors per month.

KDnuggets now has about 240,000 subscribers/followers over Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, RSS, and email.

On LinkedIn, there are many groups dedicated to data science, and although the engagement in those groups has been falling, we can use their membership as a rough estimate. Here are three of the largest groups

  • Big Data and Analytics  –  339,000
  • Data Science Central – 278,000
  • Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, Data Visualization, and Data Science – 170,000

Searching LinkedIn for “data scientist”  (quotes are important) we find over 100,000 people with that actual title.  So if globally between 200,000 and 1,000,000 people are doing some Data Science related work, then a majority of them does not have a Data Scientist title.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 10.20.35 AM.png

We can also estimate the by looking at activities related to languages and platforms most connected to Data Science: R, Python, Machine Learning libraries, Spark, and Jupyter.

  • Apache Spark Meetups had 225K members recently and growing every month.
  • Intel Capital estimated that there 1 million R programmers worldwide.
  • Based on the public data on python.orgwebsite, there have been around 2.75 million downloads.
  • Jupyterproject has around 3 million users at present.

These numbers can give us a rough upper limit on the number of data analysts/data scientists around the world.

So yeah, to answer the question, there are at least 200,000

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 10.25.53 AM

Question 3: What are the Future Prospects for Data Scientists?

The near-term future for Data Scientists looks bright.

LinkedIn 2017 emerging jobs report claims that machine learning engineers working today has increased by 9.8 times as compared to 5 years ago.

Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, and Big Data Engineers rank among the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn. Data scientist roles have grown over 650% since 2012.

Job growth in the next decade is expected to outstrip growth during the previous decade, creating 11.5M jobs in the Data Science/Analytics area by 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

IBM recently claimed that by 2020 the number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 listings to approximately 2,720,000. No matter what the true number of data professionals out there currently, their number is likely to grow in the near future.

So What are the Future Prospects for Data Scientists in the Philippines?


Based on Data from APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), there is both a huge demand here in the Philippines as well as in the jobs where the Philippines already has an outsourcing pipeline too.

SO what does that mean for you?

You Need to Know Exactly What You Need to Hire/Learn how to have/be a Data Scientist?

And it’s not easy.


To assemble a team of DSA Practitioners, you need to make sure you have the right combination of talent.

Here is how I would start.


Make sure you have people who can do these functions.

And if you want to learn how to be one of these key players, I’m betting you need to know where to start.

So wether you want to be a DSA enabled professional or you want to assemble a DSA team, here is a better understanding of how that looks.


Yeah I know. It is a lot!

So, what now?

Connect with DMAIPH and we will get you started!


DMAIPH – Decision-making, Analytics & Intelligence Philppines

Over the past few years businesses in the Philippines have invested heavily in big data, analytics and data science, but still have not achieved the expected outcomes of data-driven companies.

Based on our learnings from the 100’s of Filipino businesses and 10,000s of Filipinos who have taken part in DMAIPH Analytics trainings all across the country, we have crafted a proven,  non-technical approach to upskilling your team in analytics.

In 2019, we will be launching two new training programs: (1) Our DMAIPH Applied Analytics Master Class series for executives, leaders and decision-makers and our (2) DMAIPH Applied Analytics Boot Camp series for practicing analysts.

We will feature case studies of real Filipino run business, exercises based on actual analytics challenges being solved by Filipino analysts, and provide you with a copy of my book, Putting Your Data to Work, an analytics guidebook for the Filipino professional

Connect with us via our marketing partner, to learn about upcoming analytics trainings and events. 


NOW HIRING! DMAIPH is looking for office staff/OJT for our Ortigas office

DMAIPH is looking for office staff/OJT for our Ortigas office.

We are looking for candidates who are able to handle a variety of office roles, provide marketing and training support, assist with HR and Operations functions and/or asset with Finance and Accounting functions.

Preferably currently enrolled in or graduates of Business Management, Business Administration, Accountancy, Business Economics, Management Engineering, Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, Mathematics, and Management Information Systems are likely candidates.

Requirements include:

  • Analytical mind, problem solving, well organized and can be trusted to pay attention to detail.
  • Good communication skills, ability to effectively communicate with senior management.
  • Conversational English spoken and written.
  • At least beginning skill level with MS Excel.

DMAIPH is the leading analytics training and consulting company in the Philippines.

Duties May Include:

  • Assisting with Payroll and making Payments
  • Delivering documents to government entities and notary/legal offices
  • Assisting with processing and filing HR paperwork
  • Attend job fairs. conferences and special events to represent DMAIPH
  • Assisting with office operations including coordinating with building management
  • Conduct social media marketing campaigns as directed by the Marketing Manager
  • Assisting with finance and accounting functions as needed by Finance Manager
  • Provide basic reporting using MS Excel

To find out more about this paid internship and training program, please checkout our blog or our training partner page

Include your resume and put DMAIPH Intern/Trainee in the subject line.

Job Types: Internship, New-Grad

Job Type: Full-time



Apply via

Or please send your updated resume to for consideration.

Application Questions

You are requested to answer the following questions in your submission:
  • How many years of Office Administration experience do you have?
  • What is the highest level of education you have completed?
  • Are you in Pasig?
  • Do you speak English?

DMAIPH HR Analytics Strategy Lead

HR Analytics Strategy Lead

DMAIPH is an international analytics firm with offices in both the U.S. and the Philippines that specializes in providing analytics themed training, consulting and outsourcing to its clients.

DMAIPH also conducts analytics training classes facilitated by our President & Founder, Daniel Meyer. Mr. Meyer is an author, public speaker and one of the most sought after analytics experts in the Philippines. Over the past 5 years, Mr. Meyer has trained 1,000s of Filipinos on a variety of analytics topics. We are currently building out a marketing and analytics team to grow the training business line.

We currently employee over 60 employees here in the Philippines who are assigned to providing customer service, email support and graphic design work for a U.S. based client. This account is a mature account, having been established in 2013. This specific role will work directly with the marketing and analytics teams of DMAIPH and support the broader HR efforts for the other DMAIPH lines of business.

The role of the HR Analytics Strategy Lead has four primary functions;

  • 25% HR Generalist (Comp/Ben, Contracts, Recruitment, etc)
  • 25% HR Analytics Technical Trainer
  • 25% HR Analytics Projects
  • 25% HR Analytics Resource Speaker

Job Requirements:

  • At least 3 years of of HR work experience.
  • Experience in the BPO industry is a plus.
  • Four-year degree holder in an HR, related course preferred, but any undergraduate experience is acceptable.
  • Intermediate MS Excel skills.
  • A strong interest in analytics; using data to driven decision-making.
  • Experience with corporate training, public speaking and/or classroom teaching strongly preferred.
  • An Above average level of English proficiency.
  • A pleasant attitude and professional appearance.
  • A curious mind. Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate how they enjoy solving problems and looking for innovative solutions.

Job Duties:

HR Generalist (25%) – serving as an HR Generalist (Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, and Employee Engagement) for a team of 10-15 marketing and analytics employees. Will also work with HR staff from DMAIPH business partners responsible for other DMAIPH teams.

HR Analytics Technical Trainer (25%) – will work alongside other DMAIPH trainers to deliver content specifically designed for HR Analytics training activities. Initially working with content already developed, over time the lead may develop their own content under the guidance of senior DMAIPH staff.

HR Analytics Projects (25%) – will work on ad hoc and ongoing analytics projects aligned with industry and academic needs to massively upskill HR staff. Will conduct research, prepare reports and deliver findings to DMAIPH management and key business partners.

HR Analytics Resource Speaker (25%) – will be assigned speaking roles at various academic and industry events where as needed. Content will be provided. Over time will become a spokesperson and champion for furthering the use of HR analytics in the Philippines.

Please note that we are not expecting successful candidates to already have work experience in all of these areas. There will be a large amount of training, coaching and mentoring to get the Talent Management Analyst up to speed. Above all else we are looking for someone who is curious, who is flexible and who can take initiative.


  • Starting salary depends on experience, but the position base is targeted at 30,000 PHP a month.
  • After probationary period, health benefits and paid leave will be made available (probation can last between 1 to 6 months).
  • Additional performance based incentives can be achieved for filling training classes and meeting HR metrics goals.
  • Up to P2,500 in tax-free allowances.
  • Possible 5-10% performance bonus upon normalization.
  • Complete 40 hours of work. This is a full-time job commitment.
  • Annual performance evaluation and compensation increases.
  • Standard employee benefits as mandated by Philippine law.
  • Company lap top and mobile phone may also be provided.


This position is primary office based, but will be able to work remotely a significant % of the time once past probationary status. There will be a need to go into the field to attend job fairs, DMAIPH training events and occasional conference and workshops. There may also be a need to report to our Ortigas office for meetings and trainings. During the onboarding and probationary period, the HR Analytics Strategy Lead may be required to come into the office regularly until they are fully up to speed.

Interested applicants please send your resume and contact details directly to me at

The Data Analyst Era


Do you think this is still the career era for nurses? The era of Physical Therapist?  The Networking era? The I.T eras? Why don’t you try to type in google right now and search Most in demand jobs in the futureand you will mostly find “Analyst” on every job description in demand in the future. The worst case is that you will also discover the worst job in the future, if you have been caught on that category. I say we are here to save you.

We are here to help you start building your future right now be the first one to learn and know what is in demand. We are here to supply you knowledge and provide you a strong foundation in analytics. We have the same curiosity when it comes to analytics? Trust me, I’m not a big fan of numbers, but I’m wrong, I never thought analytics also plays a role in giving us a perception through data visualization with the right purpose of using numbers. Not just some numbers you need to compute instructed by your professors to do so.


It’s all about numbers but.

It also equips with visualization with easy number to analyze. If you notice right now visualization plays an important role in our digital age today. Because we prefer to see imagery instead of computation, we prefer reading pictures instead reading books. Analytics have the same concept and there is a huge shortage of people who are skilled in working with data to answer questions to solve problems. Sonic Analytics

Therefore, you have seen the number of analyst job postings increasing at an amazing rate. Then why not apply it into our career, use this as an asset for you to innovate.


For those who are interested in or just beginning a career in data analysis,

here’s a few tips to help you get started,

Be willing to learn,

Being a sponge in learning data analysis (and with any field) can only reap the benefits. With data analysis, it’s important to start small and learn the basics and foundations before moving on and tackling bigger things. learning-picture.jpg

Building a solid foundation of education in the beginning helps you know the basics and allows you to work on building your skills and knowledge as you progress through your career.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get help

You can’t do it alone, and not seeing out help can cost you opportunities as you progress through your career. Reaching out isn’t a sign of defeat or being unknowledgeable, it shows that you’re passionate and want to learn more but need the proper guidance to get you there.images

Becoming a data analyst is a great career option for those who love to work with numbers with the right tools (We will guide you) to help you and to help companies, organizations draw conclusions and arm them with the information they need to make for decision making.

If you’re a beginner,

26993474_1325177484294358_3157857508557595202_nDon’t worry, we are here to teach you the important fundamentals of data analytics step by step in a layman’s term.

Now, it’s your big chance to participate in our upcoming trainings which focuses more on teaching young professionals like you.


DMAIPH is proud to present this 3-day Data Analytics training that covers different aspects of data identification, collection, storage, transformation, and analysis and involve hands-on use of common data management and analysis tools such as Excel, SQL and in depth learning of the tool “Tableau”, this is also designed for those with little to no prior experience with these tools.

Analytics Experts Dan Meyer (DMAIPH) and Dominic Ligot (Cirrolytix) have joined forces to offer a unique training focusing on both the Analysis and the Management of Big Data.

Attendees will learn how to identify the right data, how data can be efficiently stored, then transformed into a friendly form for analysis, and finally how data analysis can yield insights.

Come and Join Us!

Data Analytics 3.0

February 20 – 22 | 9:00am to 5:00pm

For inquiries: |

|  (02) 959 – 8017 | 0917-799-2827


Register Now!

Global Chamber Manila: Filipino jobs threatened by Artificial Intelligence

For the past couple of weeks, digital transformation has been making headlines in the Philippines… finally!

A recent article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer has Senator Bam Aquino worried about Filipinos losing jobs to Artificial Intelligence.

Aquino, who chairs the Senate committee on science and technology, filed Resolution No. 344 that seeks to look into the government’s plan and initiatives to maximize the development of AI and other emerging technologies. Aquino says, “This early, we should be preparing for any eventuality that may occur when automation goes into full swing.”

Thus, we need to move very quickly to prepare! Don’t miss the Digital Transformation Summit on May 24-25. Save 15% on tickets with promo code: DTSBBDA15

Read the full news article:

DMAIPH hires, refers and connects Filipino analytics talent. The Philippines is at the center of the action when it comes to solutions to the global need for analytics.

Working with DMAIPH to find work, hire analytics talent or set up analytics teams will ensure you are tapped into the best of the best when it comes to analytics in the Philippines. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to find out how to take advantage of this booming opportunity.


Global Chamber Manila helps members get business done across metro areas!

We are a thriving and collaborating community of CEO’s, executives, and professionals growing business across 525 metropolitan areas. We leverage technology and our collective networks around the world to help member companies grow, reduce risk, be more productive, and succeed faster.

We are the only organization in the world with the mission to grow business from anywhere to anywhere while collaborating with every organization. We help companies, investors and business service providers around the world succeed.

Worried Your Call Center Job Might Be Taken by a Robot? You should be.

I shared this article on an FB group and got a lot of inquires from people who are indeed seeing an opportunity to move from a call center job to a Data Science and Analytics (DSA) job.

Most of the questions revolved around how to transition.

Want to get Data Science and Analytics Training. Not sure how, here are some tips!

  1. Self-Teach a Skill. (YouTube has thousands of free resources)
  2. Volunteer at Work. (Find out what skills are in demand in your company and ask if you can help)
  3. Take a Training Class (there are a lot of public training classes out there, including some that DMAIPH does).
  4. Read a Book (Experts share a lot… like my book Putting Your Data to Work: An Analytics Guidebook for Filipino Professionals)
  5. Find a Mentor (Jedi Knights start as an apprentice, so do many analysts and data scientists)
  6. Join a Group (there are a lot of meet up groups like Data Science Philippines you can use to network)
  7. Go Back to School (a few dozen schools here in the Philippines are either already offering data science an analytics programs are kicking them off soon)
  8. Follow a Blog. (Besides reading books, there are a lot of good ideas shared on blogs like mine,
  9. Become a Member (join associations like aka Analytics Association of the Philippines)

Another question that came up often was, “What should you learn first?”

Find a tool, technique or technology that is high demand and fits your interests and aptitude. The best way to find out what to focus on is do a job search for the kind of job you want and look at the requirements. For newbies some of the in demand skills are

  • SQL (the most widely used language used for data analytics)
  • Microsoft Excel (if you know pivot tables, simple formulas and can make decent visuals you will be in high demand)
  • Tableau (a free version called Tableau Public can be downloaded and is easy to learn)
  • R (the most widely used tool for predictive analytics and data science and its free)

And then a lot more people added me on FB, hoping to network and find new opportunities. Thats a good tip too. Networking is key.

DMAIPH offers a wide range of analytics centric training solutions for professionals and students via public, in-house, on-site, and academic settings. We tailor each training event to meet the unique needs of the audience.

jobspicture2If you need empowerment and skills enhancement to optimize the use of analytics in your organization, we are here to help. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to set up a free consultation to learn which of our DMAIPH analytics training solutions is best for you.


Also if you own or manage a call center, we can help. In fact, DMAIPH has successfully set up Filipino analytics teams for over a dozen U.S. based businesses. Offering both virtual and office based teams that specialize in problem solving using data, new technology and analytics techniques is our strength.

Finding and empowering analytics talent is increasingly challenging, but we have mastered Surfing Into The Storm and can show you how to succesfully set up a team. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn more about how to set up an analytics-centric team in the Philippines.

DMAIPH Analytics Apprenticeship Program Starts May 15, 2017

Analytics Apprenticeship Program Starts May 15, 2017

This is a 3-6 month, paid apprenticeship program that will provide in-depth and hands on training with a range of analytics skills needed across various industries today. At the end of the apprenticeship, you will a very strong change of staying with DMAIPH or being referred to one of our key business partners.

We are looking for 3-4 highly motivated, tech savvy, young professionals or fresh grads to join our program. Past apprentices have gone on to have successful analyst careers in a wide range of companies including HP, Emerson, Citibank, Wells Fargo and

Skills all analysts will learn

  • How to apply the DMAI methodology of business analytics
  • Advanced Excel Skills like Pivot Tables, Marcos, Formulas and Data Visualization
  • Using Tableau for Business Dashboards
  • Using SQL and R for Predictive Analytics
  • The key aspects of Data Storytelling

In addition, each track will focus on specific skill sets including but not limited to:

  1. Business Analyst
  • Analytics Assessment Facilitation
  • Project Planning and Documentation
  • Management Metrics Reporting
  1. Finance Analyst
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Budget Planning
  • Expense Tracking & Reporting
  1. Events Management Analyst
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Lead Generation, Tracking and Reporting

Compensation package is dependent on experience and skills, but in the range of P20,000 a month.

Interested applicants should send an updated resume to as well as plan on attending a group interview exercise on April 29 in Ortigas.  Group interviews will be held from 10am-12noon and from 5pm-7pm at Unit 1704 Prestige Tower on Emerald Ave (F. Ortigas Jr. Rd) at the office of IBA.


Analytics Jobs – DMAIPH hires, refers and connects Filipino analytics talent. The Philippines is at the center of the action when it comes to solutions to the global need for analytics. Working with DMAIPH to find work, hire analytics talent or set up analytics teams will ensure you are tapped into the best of the best when it comes to analytics in the Philippines. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to find out how to take advantage of this booming opportunity.

HR & Recruitment Analytics: Win The Talent War (Mar 28 in Ortigas)

Updated 11/19/16

It’s pretty clear to anyone who is paying attention that the current talent acquisition challenges facing BPO’s in the Philippines is getting worse at an alarming pace.

This trend is echoed across the planet as we have had a global failure in approaches to preparing the youth for the careers we need them to fill. There are several initiative underway in the Philippines to address this, but at this point its just a drop in the bucket when you look at the projections for talent with analytics skills, management potential and a strong work ethic.


Check out our next training on March 14 in Ortigas. Here is the link >>>

I recently came across this post on LinkedIn that outlined 5 things that we need to work together to do to make sure the generation hitting the workforce now and especially the generation now in school, ready for prime time.

The talent shortage is particularly serious at the middle-management level as companies dither over how to develop high-potential entry-level employees into more senior roles within their organisations.

Solving it requires planning for the long-term and building a talent investment strategy into the corporate culture, which suggests that solving the talent shortage calls for new thinking, new approaches, and collaboration on an industry-wide scale.

Relying on the traditional education path – universities – to fill the talent needs won’t work because that will take years. We a faster solution – one that combines a multi-pronged approach, and one that is collaborative across all players in the business.

The article concludes with five ways of helping to solve the talent crisis threatening companies small and large all across the globe.

  1. Industry collaboration: Industry leaders joining forces to work with universities, colleges and trade associations to develop specific education programs to fill the expected openings.
  2. Expanded in-house and external education options: A growing number of firms are developing their own education programs making full use of senior existing internal expertise.
  3. Job rotation programs: A ‘talent exchange’ rotation to promote cross-functional development, which would also keep employee interest.
  4. Formalised knowledge transfer: Capturing people’s knowledge before it “literally walks out of the door” into retirement.
  5. Becoming an employer of choice: Taking steps to ensure that the company is an attractive place to work by providing competitive salaries linked to a valued career path.


DMAIPH can help you by consulting with your management team on how to get ahead of the curve, by providing training to your team on how to optimize your talent acquisition an retention programs and/or by providing you with talent to fill your open positions.

HR & Recruitment Analytics – The recruitment and retention of top talent is the biggest challenge facing just about every organization. You really have to Think Through The Box to come up with winning solutions to effectively attract, retain and manage talent in the Philippines today.

DMAIPH is a leading expert in empowering HR & Recruitment teams with analytics techniques to optimize their talent acquisition and management processes. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn how to get more analytics in your HR & Recruitment process so you can rise to the top in the ever quickening demand for top talent.

I Have Always Admired People Who Have “Grit”!

DMAIPH hires, refers and connects Filipino analytics talent. The Philippines is at the center of the action when it comes to solutions to the global need for analytics. Working with DMAIPH to find work, hire analytics talent or set up analytics teams will ensure you are tapped into the best of the best when it comes to analytics in the Philippines. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to find out how to take advantage of this booming opportunity.

In short we are looking for a people who have grit!


Came across this interesting Forbes article. What makes up “grit”?

1. Courage

2. Conscientiousness 

3. Follow Through

4. Resilience

5. Excellence

Yeah, I got those. 🙂

So do most of the people who I surround myself with.

Grit is something that got me to where I am and will get me to where I’m going.

Do you have grit?

DMAIPH specializes in arming the Data-Driven Leader with the tools and techniques and the grit they need to build and empower an analytics centric organization. Analytics leadership requires a mastery of not just analytics skill, but also of nurturing an analytics culture. We have guided thousands of Filipino professionals to become better analytics leaders. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to discuss a uniquely tailored strategy to ensure you are the top of your game when it comes to Analytics Leadership.

DMAIPH Help Wanted > Curiosity Above All Else

DMAIPH hires, refers and connects Filipino analytics talent. The Philippines is at the center of the action when it comes to solutions to the global need for analytics.

Working with DMAIPH will ensure you are tapped into the best of the best when it comes to analytics in the Philippines.

This is far more then just a simple office job and much more rewarding then your typical customer service or call center job.

Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to find out how to take advantage of this booming opportunity.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Office Based (in Ortigas)

  •  1 Senior Marketing Analyst1 to oversee company branding, training materials, and social media content publications. Potential opportunity to work partly from home. (Pay range is 25-30K depending on experience)
  • 1 Junior Marketing Analysts/Admin Assistants to assist with trainings, social media marketing and administrative office duties. (Pay range is 10-23K depending on experience)
  • 1 Hybrid Marketing/Recruitment Analyst to assist with recruitment when we have openings and to spend the rest of time on internet research, social media marketing and assisting with training.  (Pay range is 18-25K depending on experience)

All positions come with government mandated benefits, a competitive salary based on experience and with a large degree of job flexibility.

However, fresh grads, undergrads and even high school grads are encouraged to apply. DMAIPH does not discriminate based on age, appearance or social status.

To join the  DMAIPH team, send a resume now to

If you are a curious person by nature, we want you!


Analytics is the application of using data and analysis to discover patterns in data. DMAIPH specializes in empowering and enabling leaders, managers, professionals and students with a mastery of analytics fundamentals. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to find out what we can do to help you acquire the analytics mastery you and your organization need to be successful in today’s data-driven global marketplace.