BPO Elite Blog Post #13 – The Aging of America


Good article that sums up what I view as perhaps the biggest single threat to future success of the United States of America. Its painfully obvious that we are going to see a surging gap in the needs of older Americans and the ability of younger Americans to provide them the services they expect.

This point, more than anyother single motivator is why I’ve become some focused on the BPO industry. I forsee countless types of services that will have to be done overseas for the simple reason that there are not enough people here to do them. Our shortsighted immigration policies, our neglected vocational education programs and lack of global intergration all lead me to the conclusion that American will have no choice but to source more andmore servicing jobs overseas.

On the other side of the Pacific, the Philippines has a young, predominately college educated, English speaking popluaiton who undertsands American culture. To me there is no simpler math then 1+1=2… American demand and Filipino supply = a bright and lucrative future for BPO Elite!


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