BPO Elite Blog Post # 24 – Technology and the BPO Industry

I just came across a blog post by another BPO company here in the Philippines and it kind of set me off. I assume the intention of the author was to remind us that recent advances in technology have made the BPO industry as we know it now possible. It is not my goal to argue with that intention, but I do feel the need to mention that the post did not mention one actual innovative piece of the technology. After reading the post I found myself asking why they wrote it in the first place.

So in order to walk the talk so to speak, I will share a few of the coolest, most innovative technological solutions I’ve come across that can make the BPO industry even more successful here in the Philippines.

First off there are dozens of business intelligence applications that are low cost and provide fast and actionable insights into all kinds of customer, demographic and competitive data. Just to name a few, check out Tableau, Qlikview or Yellowfin. I’ve trained fresh grads to use Tableau to do some pretty amazing data visualizations in just a few hours. In the hands of an imaginative and tech savvy person, work that used to take entire IT teams weeks can be done in minutes by one person. Now that is innovation.

Second, there are dozens of CRM and ATS applications that are making fundamental and long lasting changes in the recruitment industry. Tools like Bullhorn and Silkroad can take help a recruiting team manage the entire end to end recruitment process easily and with a lot less manpower then was possible only a few years ago. They are also fully integrate social networking via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook into the recruitment process.

And third, I can think of dozens of new services and mobile apps that add all kinds of value to marketing and sharing your brand. Pintrest and Tout are two that we have begun using recently to help us spread the BPO Elite story by sharing images and videos why we are the elite analytics solution for the BPO industry here in the Philippines.

I will finish up mentioning a couple of people who I admire for taking this new technology and have been significant influences on my life. I’m sure neither Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki set out with the goal of impacting the direction of the BPO industry in the Philippines, but thanks to their blogs we here at BPO Elite can learn how to not only be on the cutting edge of branding and marketing, but also be completely enchanting at what we do. And then there is TED, which houses a lot of amazing talks by one of my all time favorite data geeks, Dr. Hans Rosling.

So there you go. Not only have I talked about how cool technology is, but I’ve also pointed you to some examples of technology and tech savvy people that are contributing to BPO Elite’s success. I guess that is what this is all about… technology is not just cool because it allows us to go faster, stronger, higher, better… but because it also allows us to do it as part of a global community.


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