A Data-Driven Approach To Networking

Starting today, I am going to go into full networking hyper mode. My goal is to find a new outsourcing client here in the U.S. to add to my roster of DMAI clients who are using our services based in the Philippines.

I will also be looking for a few more consulting gigs here that are simple data analytics or market research projects that I can pass on to my intern teams. I have interns both in the U.S. and the Philippines.

So how to make my networking efforts more impactful. Using primarily LinkedIn, I will share blog posts, contribute to groups, add new connections and re-connect with existing ones to share with them updates on DMAI and what we offer.


I will track all these efforts using a simple Excel spreadsheet. Using excel will help me set and meet daily quotas for new connections, shared articles and sending email messages to existing connections. Just this simple and easy to set up approach will make my networking 10x more impactful because each day I have a clear idea of what’s ahead of me.

For new connections, I had some interns make a list of over 200 companies in the U.S. who posted jobs on indeed.com . I will search LinkedIn to see who 2nd and 3rd connections at these companies are and who might be involved in business strategy, outsourcing and/or analytics and try and add them. I will not just send the standard add me connection request, but one of several canned intros I have prepare depending on job level, company type and how I think DMAI can help them. I will personalize each one. My goal is to do 20 connection requests a day for 10 days. Form that I hope to get about 5 hot leads to work on.

For sharing, I will repost and/or link to various blog posts I have written or will write over the next two weeks. My goal is to post to 10 groups a day. So in two weeks I will have shared my story over 100 times to a variety of analytics and outsourcing focused groups. From this effort I hope to get 2-3 more leads.

Finally, for re-connecting, I will send 10 emails a day to connections who might either be interested in our services or sharing our story with their connections who might. These will not be hard sell e-mails, but more an update on what I have been doing and how DMAI has grown since the last time we talked. I can export a list of my connections from LinkedIn that includes e-mail address of all my connections. I’ll then sort it by company and focus on connections with companies involved in analytics and/or outsourcing. Again a half dozen or so leads should come out of this.

So over the next two weeks, I plan on spending about 2 hours a day networking with 400 points of contact and hope to get 20 or so leads that will end up bringing me 1-2 clients.

And I will use an analytics approach to track my progress towards my goals and in the end give me a bunch of data to use to see where to refocus future networking efforts.

I will let you know how it goes. And if you ever want help doing something like this, DMAI has helped clients in the past with similar approaches!


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