Social Media Analytics – Is Your’s Doing What’s It Is Supposed To Be Doing?

There are so many free tools and resources out there to help manage social media. Many of them like Facebook Insights and LinkedIn Analytics are free and easy to use.

They easily capture demographic data on visitors and track social media buzz.

But are you using them to do the following?

1. Discover, monitor and measure online buzz. Do you pay attention to what generates more traffic and can you easily say why?


2. Provide understandings what on your customers are thinking and saying publicly about your brand. How do you capture the text comments?

3. Systematically measure consumer sentiment toward your brand. Beyond likes and followers, do you have a more calculated way to measure satisfaction?

4. Learn more about content authors; engage brand advocates and critics as appropriate. So do you look at who is following you and making comments to understand how powerful they can be?

As you can imagine social media analytics is a lot more then just counting the numbers, you really need to dig deeper to find true meaning!


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