Fundamentals of Business Analytics > Taking A Big Step Towards Implementation

Working on a training power point for a week long Fundamentals of Business Analytics class I will be teaching in two weeks.

A full week of training on business analytics is a new challenge and will serve as a precursor to a full blown semester long class. The audience here is made up of faculty who will be teaching classes as prescribed by the 2013 CHED Memo on infusing business analytics into the business administration curriculum.

I will break the class down into 5 section, each covering some of the course and learning objectives outlined in the memo.Here are the topics:

Day One: Introduction to Business Analytics

Day Two: Big Data & Data Warehousing

Day Three: The Three Type of Analytics   (Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive)

Day Four: Business Intelligence, Data   Visualization & Business Dashboards

Day Five: Analytics & Decision-Making

Whether you dream of being an analyst, aspire to be a better analyst or hope to surround yourself with people skilled in analytics, you have to strive to be different.

You have to look at data as having the answers and analytics as the key to determining which answers are the ones you need.

Working from this starting point, we will build a knowledge base that will give us a solid grasp of the Fundamentals of Business Analytics (FBA).

That is the core message I will inpart on the audience as no amount of skills based training along will make a successful analyst. You have to have a context to work within and that will be the biggest challenge of all, as the students will not have any experience at all.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes… its a laboratory for testing out how to train the trainer to train analysts out of a population of 3rd year college students.



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