Change Has Come > I am DMAI

About 4 years ago I attended a conference on Business Process Outsourcing where the keynote speaker was former President Aquino.

When he entered the room, I was sitting on the edge of the middle row and as he walked to the stage he walked right by me. I’m not much for being impressed by that kind of thing, but in this case it was pretty cool. I mean how often does someone get to be a few feet away from a president of any country.

In the four years since my brush with political celebrity, I am looking forward to getting another chance to be in the same room with a president. On August 17th, I will speaking at this event where current President Duterte will be giving the opening speech.


So from being in the audience 4 years ago, to now being on the same stage 4 years later. It is a very satisfying feeling to think how far I have come in 4 years. From a “fresh of the plane” foreigner with just a handful of connections to being one of the more in demand public speakers. All because I love analytics and have a passion for sharing my key essentials for data-driven decision-making with my beloved Philippines.

Change has come!

Living the dream!



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