Help Me Pick an HR Analytics Topic…

I need your help. I am submitting a proposal to speak at an upcoming HR event being put on by my good friends at Ariva and need help determining which one sounds like the most interesting topic.

Option 1: Insightful HR: Integrating Quality Data towards Better Decisions

Most HR teams are surrounded by an almost limitless wealth of information locked inside business data. However, very few HR teams are consistently able to identify the right data at the right time and even fewer are able to integrate high quality data into the strategic decision-making process. The keys to data-driven decision-making are finding the right balance of analytics Talent, Technique and Technology. I will share a few of tips on how to align the 3 T’s in your business so that HR is able to empower data-driven decision making across the organization. For most HR teams, having good data is the easy part, distilling actionable insights is what makes all the difference

Learning Session Outline:

  1. Learn how to Identify the right data
  2. Discuss how to Inventory the data to gain actionable insights
  3. Discover how to Integrate the data insights into HR decision-making
  4. Unlock the analytics Talent needed for cutting edge HR Analytics
  5. Reveal key analytics Techniques to analyze the data
  6. Master the appropriate analytics Technology to optimize HR decision-making


Option 2: Driving Workforce Performance using Balanced Score Card Metrics and Analytics

Balanced Score Cards have been around since the 1990’s. HR teams across the globe have spent millions in trying to perfect ways to positively drive workforce performance based on metrics. So why is this still a topic of interest? Well, in most cases, it is because score cards and the metrics they report keep pointing us problems that are just not going away. Rising attrition, rampant job-hopping, and lower productivity are challenges we are all dealing with. In many cases, though the problem is not what we are reporting with our scorecards but the data we are populating them. As a whole, we are relying on metrics of the past to describe to us how we got here. What we need though is metrics of the future that accurately predict where we are going. I will share with you several of the metrics of the future I use for workforce reporting in my business and how we employ Predictive HR Analytics to optimize our scorecards.

Learning Session Outline:

  1. Discuss HR Metrics of the Past
  2. Learn about HR Metrics of the Future
  3. Discover how to use HR Predictive Analytics
  4. Design a Data-Driven Scorecard Template


Option 3: Strategic Problem-solving for Better Decision-making: Analytical and Critical Thinking in Motion

One of the biggest strategic challenges facing HR teams is transforming Big Data into actionable insights. The speed in which decision-makers need to act can often preclude the deep understanding of what value actual lies in the data. This causes misguided strategic planning and under informed decision-making across an organization. The best strategic solutions to quicker and more accurate decisions are found in a well rounded HR analytics approach. One that empowers critical thinking not just from the top, but down the ranks. Business Dashboards and Data Storytelling are two tools that should be used to quickly enable quick decisions in real time. I will show you how HR teams are able to keep one eye on strategic problem-solving while still taking care of daily challenges as they pop up.

Learning Session Outline:

  1. Discuss the challenges of HR Big Data
  2. Share HR Strategic Planning best practices
  3. Learn how to get Real Time HR Data
  4. Design HR Tactical Implementations using Analytics
  5. Align HR with Organization-wide Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Let me know what you think asap!



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