A Few Tips on Working From Home

For people who have experience working from home, the massive disruption being caused by COVID19 is probably a little easier to manage.

In today’s economy a large percentage of workers do most of their work from a computer. This of course, gives them the flexibility to keep being productive by using the ever increasing number of tech tools out there to keep going.

Without apps like Skype and Zoom to do conference calls and Monday and Trello to manage projects, we would be in a much more challenging place. Cloud Storage, Cloud based Shared Drives, even shareable versions of MS Office enable our work day.

If you are new to working from home getting up to speed on some of these apps will help you manage your time, keep on track with deliverables, and stay easily in touch with co-workers.

Tech is the easy part.

The lifestyle change is some different entirely.

From my experience and from my experience running a successful business where most of my employees work from home, here are some lifestyle choices I recommend people new to working from home.

  1. Stick to Your Work Schedule.
  2. Take Breaks Just Like You Would in the Office
  3. Keep the TV off
  4. Work in a Quiet Place
  5. Mimic Your Office Set Up
  6. Let In Natural Life
  7. Drink a Lot of Water
  8. Snack Smartly
  9. Optimize Your Use of Tech Tools

There are many more, but getting started with some of these will help newbies to the work from home routine stay productive and ensure they stay healthy and happy.

Daniel Meyer heads both Sonic Analytics and Sonic Virtual Staffing, sister companies that deliver both data analytics solutions and virtual staffing to businesses in the United States and the Philippines. With over 20 years in Big Data and Virtual Staffing, Dan is one of the most sought-after public speakers in Asia and offers big data coaching and analytics training seminars on both sides of the Pacific.

In addition, Dan serves as senior advisor for analytics & virtual staffing with the Brooklyn Writer Project (www.bwpmediasolutions.com). Dan has also joined the Powerteam International’s Inspiration 2020 National Tour (ipowerteam.biz) as an analytics & virtual staffing resource speaker.

Sonic Analytics(www.sonicanalytics.com) brings big data analytics solutions like business intelligence, business dashboards and data storytelling to small and medium sized organizations looking to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Sonic Virtual Staffing (www.sonicva.com) brings virtual staffing solutions like graphic design, social media management, bookkeeping and specialized virtual assistants for authors and professional speakers to small and medium sized organizations looking to scale on a budget and looking for 24/7 staffing options.

When not training current and future analysts, you can find Dan championing the use of analytics to empower data-driven citizenship by volunteering his expertise with schools and non-profits dedicated to evidence-based social progress.