DMAIPH will be at TechTonic 2017

On July 29-30, 2017, DMAIPH will be joining one of our oldest business partners, PMCM Events Management, for a two day event dedicated to innovation.


Per Webster’s the definition of innovation is: the introduction of something new; a new idea, method, or device.

Analytics is a key piece of innovation in today’s information age. With so much big data out there to use in decision-making, it is paramount to ones success to be able to take advantage of all the exciting innovations out there.

With that in mind, I will be giving a short talk about analytics and how many innovations come out of the discovery of a new opportunity from analyzing business day.

Check us out at the  DMIAPH booth, where we will be passing out information on upcoming trainings, our analytics solutions and selling my book, Putting Your Data to Work, an analytics guidebook for the Filipino professional.


DMAIPH is a highly engaged leader, sponsor and participant in analytics events across the U.S. and the Philippines. As an Analytics Champion I write, blog, speak and lecture about analytics in a wide variety of forums. I authored several publications on analytics including my latest book, Putting Your Data to Work. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn more about where I will be talking about analytics next.

Aligning a business strategy to drive an organization forward requires a robust analytics solution. Businesses who have good analytics tend to be much more profitable and efficient then ones that do not. DMAIPH has helped dozens of companies in both the U.S. and the Philippines with adding more data analysis in their business strategy. We have joined up with our key business partner PMCM Events Management to showcase our solutions at #TechToniPH in July 2017.