BPO Elite Blog Post #20 – Nothing in life worth having is free

The title of this blog post is a common paraphrase of a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. TR once said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” I start with this quote because of some recent conversations I’ve had.
As most of you know, BPO Elite offers an analytics training seminar to fresh (or recent) college graduates. In the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing close to 100 recent college graduates who have expressed interest in attending the Introduction to Analytics seminar. Most of them are pretty excited about the training, but in many cases they choose not to attend for two reasons very much a concern for most college grads; (1) how much does it cost? and (2) will it guarantee me a job? In many cases there is also another important consideration… (3) will my parents let me go to this?
So to help those of you who are considering the class, let’s look at each concern. We will start with how much does it cost. The first batch we charged PHP 200 but did not include lunch for the second batch we tired PHP 500 inclusive of lunch. The idea is to determine which offer is more attractive to our target audience. In either price all materials and snacks are included and the fee barely covers the cost of renting the facility. So for two days of training from an expert in the field of analytics, the either price seemed like a bargain when you compare that to the price of most professional training programs out there. There is cost associated with everything. And like President Roosevelt alluded too… to get something of value you have to pay for it. However, to a fresh grad, still looking for their first job, even PHP 200 might seem like a lot.
The second concern is that if they take the two days to attend the training and they pay the fee, will it guarantee them a job. Now, conventional wisdom says that no training will ever guarantee you of anything. Training can add value to what you already know, it can help you find new ways of doing things and it can open up new possibilities, but it can’t take an unemployed person and then automatically employee them. We all know that, but we don’t want to believe it. There are a lot of recruiters, trainers and other people out there who promise that they can find people jobs, but it’s because they are in it to make money on filling job slots. The only promise I am willing to make is that you will learn a lot about analytics and what a career as an analyst can look like. We can help in the job search and we can help you strengthen you resume and your online profiles, but in the end it’s you who will or will not get that job worth having. So in undergoing this seminar with BPO Elite, a fresh grad needs to decide if this training will put them in a better position to get the job they want. Again let’s think of TR’s quote… if its worth doing, its not going to be easy. Being an analyst is a hard, but satisfying career choice and its one that takes patience and planning.
And finally we have the influence of the parents to consider. In a lot of cases I have recent graduates tell me that they want to come, but they need to discuss it with their parents. To me, this is both a good thing as well as an additional challenge. I like to hear when parents are involved with decision making. It almost always means that the decision to attend the class will hinge on value. Will the cost of the training be worth it? Will the training help my child find a job? As I’ve outlined above, these are very good questions.
But here comes the challenge… how does a fresh grad who just spent 15-20 minutes being interviewed to be part of a training class go home and explain to their parents what they BPO Elite is all about, why analytics is important and why going to our training is the best things they can do to help them find not just a job, but start a career? For those fresh grads in the audience, this topic will carry over into my next blog post. It will be entitled something along the lines of how to engage your parents in the conversation to help them decide to let you attend the training.


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