Daily Stuggles of an Entrepreneur


Came across an interesting article about some of the struggles well known entrepreneurs say they face everyday. It got me thinking that this would be a good exercise the next time I train a batch that is heavily made up of small business entrepreneurs and business owners. Here is my two cents on each of the struggles listed:

1. Time. For me time management remains a strength, but at not as much as it used to be. The further away from the structured, routine life of corporate America i get, the harder it is to budget my time wisely. Working virtually, without an office is a big challenge when it comes to developing good time management skills. To counter this, I try and work from client offices and use places like Starbucks when need be to keep me motivated. I also sometimes turn of my e-mail/chat so I can focus on getting important things done without interruption. If on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest I would rate myself a 7 on Time, but I used to be a 9… so I need to find ways to get back to that.

2. Focus. So many opportunities, so many people I want to work with, and so many choices to make everyday. I have a good habit of refocusing myself every few weeks. I take at least one Sunday morning a month to sit somewhere in solitude with no distractions and work on strategy. Trying to get back to the important things that will have both short and long term impacts. I think I give myself a 7 on this, but I want to be a 9 here.

3. Building A Great Team. I consider myself a good evaluator of talent. I tend to surround myself with people who take initiative and can step up in clutch situations, but I still find myself wondering why I can’t inspire them to do more, to aim farther and to have more confidence in themselves. Like with many leaders , my drive can be a double edged sword where it can both inspire and intimidate, lift up and pin down, and motivate and frustrate. Communication, being open minded and doing the right thing are never an issue… it’s the empowering the team to be a amazing as I think they are that keeps me have having the great team I dream about. I’d say I am a 6 here and need to be at a 10.

4. Emotion. Some people (including my son) see me as the Hulk sometimes. I get so intense and focused, that it can come across as frustration and anger. Others sometimes see me as too cold and unemotional like Spock. While others only know me as fun, social and inspiring person. Somewhere in the middle lies the real me and my inability to keep my emotions in check sometimes get the best of me. This is the biggest challenge I’ve had an entrepreneur… being more like a Jedi and less like the Captain of the Enterprise. I give myself a 5 on this scale and hope that’ll surrounding myself with the right people who compliment me and help smooth over my weaknesses can get me to a 7 or 8.

So where do you score on these key challenges facing entrepreneurs?



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