Are you an undergraduate but wish to have a good paying job? Or are you a graduate but still in difficulty to get a job in BPO because of inadequate training? Don’t worry because Kalibrr and BPO Elite is now here to help you. This two companies become partners to help Filipinos on the training that is specifically designed to address the needs of these “near hires” in the industry who have almost all the skills needed to work in a call center, but need some additional training to pass all the entrance requirements. By their combined effort, they can help Filipinos not only find jobs, but start their careers. They both has a common goal and that is to help Filipinos find careers and to be part of the movement to push the Philippines forward as it becomes one of the top economic powers of the world.

Having a degree is important because it shows the person was able to finish something they started. However, there are thousands of people who got partially through school and had to quit for family or financial reasons. With training like ours, it can serve as a bridge to help them overcome the college degree requirement

We might be wondering what is Kalibrr & BPO Elite? Kalibrr is a training company that created an online learning platform to teach Filipinos for free the skills they need to snag a BPO job. While BPO Elite is the only company that specialized in analytics training. Others offer technical training or educates on specific types of analysis work, but they are the only ones doing a type of empowerment based approach. Because of the emerging trend and demand of bpo in the country, they’re doing the best they can. And over half have found work in the BPO industry.

Do you know what it takes to have a top caliber training in Kalibbr? And elite training in BPO Elite? Well, after the initial two day training, many of the trainees enroll in extended training program. It is kind of like an apprenticeship program for analysts. Well, its too early to tell how secure they are in their jobs, but great feedback has been received from the employers. So far so good. And yes, the trainees have been endorsed via letters of recommendation or being a reference. As soon as training has been done, graduate of this two can have a job. Some of the jobs are call center agents or tech support, but there is an ever increasing number of back office and analytics jobs that don’t require one to be on the phone or work in night shift.

By Celeste Marcelo


Can you give me a 160 character business case for business analytics?

This is from a LinkedIn discussion thread and I found it worth sharing!

Can you give me a 160 character business case for business analytics?
The challenge, could you make the business case for business analytics in a tweet?
Here are some of the comments:
 BA reviews your promise to stakeholders- Growth in financials for shareholders, efficiency in operations for customers and talent management for the employees
 BA allows you to make business decisions based on insight gained from company data analyzed with appropriate statistical methods.
 Who would pass up chance to gain edge & grow value w/ new & better means of predicting risks, adapting trends, & helping customers? BA offers all this & more.
 BA =TimelyRelevantInfoToolsBusinessGrowthBetterPredictionsHappierCustomersBiggerProfitMarginsQualityEnhancementsOperationalImprovementsLegUpOnTheCompetitionWheee

And of course BPO Elite’s own..
 BA empowers managers and leaders to make data driven decision making!
The right decision at the right time is often the difference between success and failure!