Making Data-Driven Decisions – Introduction

Friends and Family, here is the introduction to my book I’ve been working on entitled Making Data-Driven Decisons!

Making Data-Driven Decisions is one of the mottos I live by. It simply and powerfully sums up what I believe in as an analyst. In order to make intelligent decisions in all aspects of a business, you need to have the right data at the right time. That is what analytics is all about.

Whether you dream of being an analyst, aspire to be a better analyst or hope to surround yourself with people skilled in analytics, you have to strive to be different. You have to look at data as having the answers and analytics as the key to determining which answers are the ones you need.

My love for analytics comes from many places. When I was a kid I used to collect baseball cards and memorize all the statistics on the back of the cards. When I got into college I took a lot of courses on student developmental theory and learned a lot about why people are the way there are. I combined that with classroom teaching experience and then corporate training experience. During my time with Wells Fargo I was always the data guy or the reports guy, long before I had even heard of the term analytics. All of these experiences have prepared me for what I do today, teach people about analytics and how to use analysis to make data-driven decisions.

The idea behind this book is to serve as an introduction to analytics.  However, this book is not just for first timers but also for senior leaders who can use it to assess where their organization is.

The basic flow of this book is to first define analytics and explain what analysts do. Then we will look at the need for more analytics training and more analysts, especially in the BPO Industry in the Philippines. We will briefly review the BPO Industry in the Philippines for a common understanding of the size and scope of things.

Then we will move into basic analysis, then how to use data to drive decision making. We will look closer at key components of business intelligence and demonstrate the power of business dashboards and data visualization.

Next we will focus in specifically at analytics in the BPO environment, first broadly and then look at a few examples in functions like recruitment, sales & marketing and workforce management. The book will also touch on Six Sigma and Lean. We will then look at analytics in Social Networking.

We will begin to wrap things up with learning about the concept of Enchantment. Finally we discuss how to analyze your own business and we will conclude with the solutions BPO Elite can provide to help you and/or your business make more data-driven decisions.

We will provide plenty of real world examples, exercises and resources. We will introduce new methodologies and technologies to help achieve a strong analytics culture in your workplace.

The full book will be available soon! To get an advance e-copy of the book,  be one of the first ten people to e-mail me @ with free book in the subject line