Analytics is the answer for the Top Recruitment Trends for 2013

Based on some of the recruiting blogs I follow, here are the most common headlines:

1.Social Media will continue to transform the recruitment process

2.Global complexity in workforce planning

3.Strong Job Growth for Health Care

4.The Right Metrics are hard to find

5.Quality of Hire is the hardest to qualify

6.Never been more pressure to demonstrate ROI of recruitment efforts.

Analytics is a solution to helping HR and Recruitment professionals to address each of the challenges of presented by these headlines. Let’s look at each one.

1. Social media continues to be looked at as the silver bullet that everyone hopes will get them ahead. However, everyone else also has the same belief and in the end, your job postings can get lost at sea. Using analytics to help you determine what kind of posts, when and where to post them and with what message. A good ATS that feeds into social media is also important. The best ATS software packages post directly to social media sites. Also you can learn to take advantage of the built-in analytics that sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have for free. Also using an analytics approach to knowing your competition is a key way to stay ahead.

2. The complexity of recruiting here in the Philippines continues to be quickened by the diverse needs of various clients across industries and geographies. The global shift in services from massive to niche and from standard practice to personalized delivery is making it more and more challenging to find the right talent for the job. Analytics can be a powerful equalizer in knowing the demographics in your talent pool and of the clients.

3. The growth in healthcare outsourcing was something I talked about in depth a few blogs ago. Its an area that will continue to see hyper competiveness for top talent.

4. Knowing which metrics to use when and how to track and repot them is a big challenge. There is so much data and most of it is unstructured. Its incredibly hard to know how to keep a pulse on a your business. But an analytics driven business dashboard is one way to go about it.

5. Quality is hire is so often an afterthought. With so many open reqs and an increasingly thin talent pool, we often just worry about putting butts in the seats and letting the clients/business sort them out. This is so short sighted and counterproductive. Analytics can be used to measure quality of hire and should be something that everyone can easily tie their own personal successes to their efforts.

6. To truly measure return on investment you need good data, good analysis and good reporting to make sure pesos are well spent. Of all the headlines, this is on that analytics is used the most, but also used in ways that don’t really help all that much.

This is where I come in. Having spent 15 years as an analyst with Wells Fargo Bank, I get analytics. I have combined that practical experience with my educational background; I have a Master’s Degree in Education, and developed an innovative training approach to analytics.

Upcoming Training Batches:

• April 13th, Social Media Analytics, Mandaluyong

• April 19th-20th, Analytics for HR Professionals, Makati

• April 26th-27th, Recruitment Analytics, Mandaluyong

• April 29th-30th, An Introduction to Analytics for Fresh Grads, Pasay

• May 10th, Analytics for Analysts and IT, Makati

• May 18th, Recruitment Analytics, Makati

• May 20th-21st, An Introduction to Analytics for Fresh Grads, Pasay

• May 24th-25th, Analytics for Analysts and IT, Mandaluyong

This approach is more about empowering analytical thinking then it is teaching a technological skill. I have found that being able to harness the power of analytics is as much an art as it is a science. In the end, analytics is about three things; finding data, analyzing it and communicating the results.

To learn more about my approach to empowering data-driven decision making, feel free to contact me directly@ 09157759578 or or you can view our YouTube video to see more >>>