Simple Recruitment Analytics Exercise: Recruit your own Super Hero Team

Here is an example of simple exercise I sometimes include in my recruitment analytics trainings. It’s a good icebreaker/team builder that starts the conversation about how to measure the effectives ness of different roles in a recruitment process.

Situation: There is an asteroid about to hit the Earth. An evil super villain has  created a ray that is attracting the asteroid here.

You need to recruit a team of heroes to complete the following tasks

1.Stop the asteroid from hitting the earth.
2.Find the super villain and stop his ray.
3.Evacuate people from the impact zone in case you can’t stop it

Rules: You must pick 3 heroes and you must stay under budget on their “salaries”.

You can only spend 200 salary points total.

Superman –  150  JLA vs Avengers

the Hulk – 100

Batman – 75

Thor – 100

Wonder Woman – 75

Iron Man – 100

The Flash – 50

Captain America – 75

Green Lantern -50

Hawkeye – 25

Aquaman -25

Black Widow – 25

Hawkgirl – 25

Darna – 50

The discussion is always interesting and most teams come up with a different combination of heroes. Besides the lead in to recruiting, I also talk a lot about how when we recruit, we have to think about what appeals to our target demographic. Which in the case of most recruiting for the BPOs here in the Philippines means 18-24 year olds who like technology, games, super hero movies and anime. Trying to find creative ways to engage them and keep their attention is as big a challenge as any other one facing recruiters.
And for the record, the most common solution is just to hire Superman and save the rest of the money since he can handle all three tasks in a matter of seconds. 🙂
If your organization is struggling with recruiting and retaining talent like so many others are, then you need the equivalent of an analytics superhero to help you save the day.
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