Analytics & Decision-Making: The “Big Words” in my search of Work-Life Balance

When I first set up my business, one of my mentor’s told me to find three people who could be like mini-mes, who would be my disciples when it comes to sharing my love of analytics. I can truly say I have found one!

purple bLiss and eVerythIng ICE

Its been a while since I wield a pen & put my thoughts in writing, but guess slowing it down & having my thoughts recollected never failed to recharge me, thats why I’m having a new post after a long hiatus w/ this new home. 

I attended an Analytics Training w/ the guru, Dan Meyer (who is also my boss now) last week & little did I further realize that I unconsciously applied the principles in one of his topics in the training (4 Keys of Decision Making) in my life 6 months before I dive in an offer to work for him & his company,DMAI

2013 has not been a good or bad year either. It just made me realize further what i want, the challenge though is how i will be able to have it. I want to free myself from being a corporate…

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