Analytics & Decision-Making: The “Big Words” in my search of Work-Life Balance

When I first set up my business, one of my mentor’s told me to find three people who could be like mini-mes, who would be my disciples when it comes to sharing my love of analytics. I can truly say I have found one!

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Its been a while since I wield a pen & put my thoughts in writing, but guess slowing it down & having my thoughts recollected never failed to recharge me, thats why I’m having a new post after a long hiatus w/ this new home. 

I attended an Analytics Training w/ the guru, Dan Meyer (who is also my boss now) last week & little did I further realize that I unconsciously applied the principles in one of his topics in the training (4 Keys of Decision Making) in my life 6 months before I dive in an offer to work for him & his company,DMAI

2013 has not been a good or bad year either. It just made me realize further what i want, the challenge though is how i will be able to have it. I want to free myself from being a corporate…

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If I Were 22, My Advice To Myself Would Be…

Like the one from my hero Guy Kawasaki above, LinkedIn is running a series of blog posts from online influencers. After reading several of them and thinking about it for a bit, here is what I would recommend to my 22-year-old self.

Can you find me?
Can you find me?

1. Travel More. 23 years later I have traveled a lot, but there are so many times I turned down chances to see new parts of the world. Nothing teaches you more than being immersed in a new environment.
2. Spend More QT with loved ones. Once they are gone, they are gone. As you get older you really will regret not spending more time with those you love.
3. Use Money More Wisely. Now I think about how much more good I could do in the world with the amount of money I’ve spent in my lifetime on needless things.
4. Treat People A Little Better. When you need to be a jerk be one, but when you don’t try to keep that impatient temper in check a little more often.
5. Keep one eye on the future, one eye on the present and know your past. Embrace the way you have always lived and will always live being able to shift perspectives and open yourself to the notion that anything is possible.
6. Just Keep Doing It. I’ve had many failures and frustrations in life, but in the end they have all added to my knowledge and my experience and made me who I am today.

However, given the blessing I enjoy and the life I have, I’d conclude with don’t change too much. You are gonna turn out pretty well!