Five Current Trends in Analytics

Earlier this week, I conducted a Business Analytics Training in our new office in Ortigas. One of the things I talked about was some of the current trends in analytics. Here are my top 5:

1. Everyone Has To Be A Data Scientist
2. Finding Unstructured Data on the Internet
3. Company Specific Analytics Solutions
4. Data Visualization
5. Business Dashboards for Management

When it comes to data science, I take the approach that anyone working with data and analysis has to start thinking of themselves as a data scientist. Its the biggest buzz word in the industry right now.

Finding unstructured data on the internet to compliment structured internal business data is still one of the key skills sets that separates good analytics from great analytics.

Company specific solutions are becoming a requirement and really pose a threat to analytics solutions that too general and too high level.

The number of people who can take data and turn it into art is growing rapidly, but the need for skilled data artists is growing even faster.

And finally, something that has been true for while now… one of the biggest needs out there is someone who can take lots of reports and simplify the data into a single visual.

As they say, the more things change (and analytics gets more complicated) the more they stay the same (what a great analyst needs is being able to add the art to the science).



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