Radio DWDD today @ 11am – The Analytics of Blogging

Blogging has been around for quite some time now, but many who venture into blogging do not realize who is reading their blogs, what are they reading, why are they visiting and reading their blogs, and so on.

So, today I have the honor of being a special guest on DWDD to help listeners go through the realms of the analytics of blogging.

The topics I plan on covering include:
– What is analytics?
– What title/position/employee is involved in anlytics?
– What university/college course do you take to learn analytics?
– What kind of companies uses analytics?

And Blogger-specific topics will include:
– Should bloggers learn to use analytics?
– Why use analytics in blogging?
– How does a blogger begin to use analytics?
– Can analytics make the blogger earn money?

Come join me and my good friends Raffy, Ron and Ian to discuss how to get more data into your blogging efforts. Its easy and for the most part its free.
#TODAY 20th March at 11:00AM, the BLOGGERS’ HOUR talks about Blogging and Analytics, and why bloggers need to start measuring their blogs beyond just views and hits. To help us understand how to do this is Analytics Expert Dan Meyer from San Francisco who has set up shop in the Philippines with his advocacy of teaching Filipinos the art of analytics.

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Listen to the #BLOGGERSHOUR talk radio show, Monday 20th March 11:00AM as we talk about blogging & analytics with Dan Meyer @BPOElite1




Social Media Analytics > Don’t Have It? Then You Are Missing Out!

Came across this interesting article on LinkedIn today about how few companies are seeing social media lead to direct revenue. Tying return on investment to social media is really not all that hard, but a lot of us don’t have an idea of where to start.

1e08489_SM image

The conclusion of the article by Richard Meyer (no relation) pretty much sums up the current status of most companies using social media to market and/or sell. “Even brands that have a long track record of success are beginning to realize that when it comes to social media, a business as usual approach doesn’t cut it. While 86% of companies today maintain a Facebook page, many have discovered that simply following the herd isn’t much of a strategy. The fans and likes may roll in, but meaningful results like improved customer satisfaction and increased sales revenue remain elusive.”

Why? Because the real power of social media lies in its ability to engage and enlist, not just tally. We must deliver social customer experiences that entice customers to interact with us, share their passions, their insights, and their ideas.

It’s so much more than just assigning someone to post articles, to share a page with friends or to just stand ready to reply to comments.

DMAI specializes is helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and network marketers bring some analytics into their social media efforts.

Using a combination of free or inexpensive online tools and our own data management and analysis methodologies, DMAI can help you get the most out of your social media efforts.

Don’t be like everyone else who is starting to think of social media marketing and online business as a black hole. It’s a lot easier than you might think. Let us show you how!

Social Media Analytics – Is Your’s Doing What’s It Is Supposed To Be Doing?

There are so many free tools and resources out there to help manage social media. Many of them like Facebook Insights and LinkedIn Analytics are free and easy to use.

They easily capture demographic data on visitors and track social media buzz.

But are you using them to do the following?

1. Discover, monitor and measure online buzz. Do you pay attention to what generates more traffic and can you easily say why?


2. Provide understandings what on your customers are thinking and saying publicly about your brand. How do you capture the text comments?

3. Systematically measure consumer sentiment toward your brand. Beyond likes and followers, do you have a more calculated way to measure satisfaction?

4. Learn more about content authors; engage brand advocates and critics as appropriate. So do you look at who is following you and making comments to understand how powerful they can be?

As you can imagine social media analytics is a lot more then just counting the numbers, you really need to dig deeper to find true meaning!

Social Media Analytics?

Yesterday, I had the privilege to speak to about 100 people about how to get more analytics in their social media. Social Media Analytics allow businesses to: 

  • Use Platforms designed to discover, monitor and measure online buzz.
  • Provide understandings what your customers are thinking and saying publicly about your brand
  • Systematically measure consumer sentiment toward your brand
  • Learn more about content authors; engage brand advocates and critics as appropriate.


Planning and Measuring the success of your social media strategies is a key competitive advantage that is often undervalued and misunderstood. During my talk, I provide a 5 step process to measure the effectiveness of a social media strategy. This simple process includes the following step:

  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Optimize

Businesses that strive to bring more analytics into their marketing, branding and social media have a 30% great chance to turn a profit and are 10x more likely to be able to tie social media to these profits.

To learn how to get more analytics in your social media, feel free to send us an email at 

13 Months in the Philippines – Lesson 12 – April 2013 – The Wheels Come Off

Picture1Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

April 2012, was a tough month. The challenge with filling training classes continued. We had three staff members depart for other opportunities. I ended a six-month engagement with my top client. It was time to switch gears again. We needed to pivot towards doing more outsourcing and consulting and less training.

One good things to come out of April, was the Social Media Analytics Workshop we held for a group of trainees for one of our clients. We discovered some pretty good talent and were able to put together a good team of analysts with a large range of analytics skills and social media savvy. There are a plethora of social media analytics tools built-in to just about every significant social media site. We also learned that the Philippines is the most social media driven country in the world. There is a higher percentage of Filipinos are online and actively using social media that with any other country.

I also continued to blog almost daily as I had learned from a good friend, is the key to monetizing your online business. You need fresh content that is relevant and engaging. You have that and you feed it to your audience on a regular basis, you can then start making a profit off it. Blogging about analytics is a key tool for analysts that’s often overlooked. Most analysts stay embedded in their silo. They focus on the data at hand and they master how to identify, inventory and integrate it. They accumulate a wealth of experience and knowledge and many are blogging about it.

However, in this case it was too little too late. Due to a series of personal and professional challenges it was time to think about what to do if revenue didn’t pick up quickly.

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My Analytics Story – My passion is solving problems by bringing together the best talent, cutting edge technology and tried and true methodologies. DMAIPH is all about empowering people towards better Decision-Making through the use Analytics and business Intelligence. This is what I do best. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly for a free consultation about getting more analytics into your career and your business.