When I Put My Mind To Something…

Before anything else, I always remind myself to be thankful for my blessings. It has been a long and challenging journey to get to where I am today. More blood, sweat and tears than anyone would believe.

All the hard work, doing the right thing and being prayerful has however, put me in a position to be pretty successful at what I do. And what I do best is empower people to achieve their dreams the same way I have seen my dreams come true.

When I put my mind to something, I have a laser like focus. That focus drives me through difficult times and keeps me moving forward. For a lot of people, I know they have trouble dealing with someone who has such a powerful focus on his goals.

But that is what I look for in people to surround myself with, to add to my team and to be partners in opportunities. The ability to focus to me is a primary key to being successful.

On Friday I, as I was working diligently on a plan of adding as many as 12 new employees in the next few weeks. My focus on the challenge at hand, certainly ruffled some feathers and made a few people uncomfortable.


Out of that focus came three action items that I could accomplish over the weekend that would do a lot to help our recruitment efforts.

In the short term, we need to augment our recruiting team. So I sent 200 LinkedIn emails to recruiters I am connected with to see if I can pirate one way from someone. I have an interview today with one and several others I’ve had convos with.

In the near term, we need to continue to diversify our marketing efforts. One of my goals has been to write a couple of business books. Two of them I have near completion, but I have been to swamped to finish them. So I blogged about needing a co-writer to finish them. I got several applicants and think I have already identified the one I want to partner with.

And in the long term, I want to get on the calendar of a couple schools to keep the pipeline of future analysts and DMAI employees going. I have one locked up at Jose Rizal University and  another in the works based on some FB conversations.

Some blessinga from above, a supportive family and a great team all help… but in the end my success is all a product of my ability to focus on a goal and just work harder at it than anyone else.

So there you go, the secret of my success is that I just flat out work my ass off and enjoy doing it.