Building An Employee Engagement Road Map

My good friend and BPO colleague, Martin Conboy’s most recent blog is pretty awesome and well timed for my leadership meeting on Monday.

Here are a few of his key points:

“Employee engagement is a workplace methodology designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, inspired to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well being.”

When I think about all the places I have worked over the years from scooping ice cream, filing library books, teaching, customer service, business analytics to setting up call centers, I often reflect on the cultural lessons I gained from those experiences.

As Martin says, engagement is a direct result of the methods  used to drive a business… its how people are bossed, managed and/or lead. That impacts how people feel about and treat each other. Most people generally look at their job as just a job, but they look at their co workers as friends or even family.

When companies are able to get people to think of their job with the same level of interest they think of their co-workers, then you have an indicator of engaged employees, That is far from the only one, but its an easy to see indicator.  They go to lunch together, but do they work together to solve problems for the customer?

“Creating exceptional customer experiences and engagement requires understanding and mapping the customer’s journey. Likewise employee engagement is dependent on creating exceptional experiences based on understanding and mapping the employee’s journey.”

Mapping the journey… from pre-hire, to job offer, to onboardinng, to training, to production, to coaching, to mentoring, to career development. Is it all mapped out? If not its hard to have good employee engagement. Are there leaders within the organization that help others read the map? If not then most employees are going to get lost. The journey will not likely be a success without the map and people who know how to both read the map and teach others how to read it.

Thanks Martin for the inspiration.

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