Sonic Analytics – The Premier HR & Recruitment Analytics Solutions in the Philippines

Sonic Analytics is an HR and Recruitment Analytics-centric consulting, outsourcing and training company with teams in the United States and the Philippines. We specialize in corporate HR & Recruitment analytics consulting, public analytics trainings as well as small and medium HR and Recruitment Analytics outsourcing.


Our unique approach takes advantage of our extensive network among Filipino companies, call centers, BPO companies and top schools to identify recruit and train people who have the required skills to be a good HR or Recruitment Analyst.

We have created different analytics programs including Recruitment Analytics, HR Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Analytics and Data based Decison-Making.

Whatever HR and Recruitment challenges you face, we can work with you to enchance your organization’s performance through in-house training.

We’ll help you find new HR and Recruitment analytics technologies, methodologies, talent and/or reporting. We can also help you in assessing your current analytics culture and develop a strategy to enhance or improve your use of your talent management analytics.

We provide back office support from a pool of talented people specifically recruited for their analytical abilities. We specialize in setting up home based team of analysts who can do basic and moderately difficult types of analytics including PUBLIC DATA MINING, INTERNET RESEARCH, COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE, BUILDING BUSINESS DASHBOARD etc.

“In the end, HR & Recruitment analytics is all about finding the right data, analyzing it and reporting your findings to empower talent acquisition and management teams”


-Dan Meyer, President & Founder


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