Finding Meaningful Ways to Use HR Data

One of the biggest challenges people have with using more data in their talent management process is that many leaders just don’t know where to start. Most HR organizations have tons of data on end to end talent management from recruitment to training to operations, but it is not easy to see meaningful patterns within all the data.

HR data used to be something easily captured in spreadsheets. Some of us have evolved to using more robust applicant tracking systems and talent management tools. Cutting edge HR teams are able to use the Big Data in their business to fuel a mature analytics engine that leads to insightful reports and business dashboards. Recent leaps in technology have given data hungry HR professionals access to a wide range of employee information that  can be used in ways unimaginable just a few years ago.

To really find meaningful ways to use HR Data, today’s HR professionals needs to have at least a working knowledge of the data they have in their business. To be successful they need to know how to access and analyze the data, provide it to decision-makers and incorporate the data into a living process of continuous improvement.

11709268_10153506561077425_1608720566061502683_nIn the end, success with HR data all boils down to the culture of the business. Is the team, or at least a number of the team, tech savvy and analytical? Is curiosity encouraged when it comes to finding new data? Is proactively mitigating risks and eliminating waste in the talent management process encouraged? If yes, then you are doing better than most.

Finding meaningful ways to use HR Data is not just about the cool new technologies available, nor is it just about harnessing the power of Big Data. It is as much as, if not more important that the HR team share a culture that optimizes the use of HR Data in defining strategy, making decisions and improving the business.

If you are wondering how to find more meaningful ways to use your HR Data, connect with me. I have helped dozen of HR teams to find ways to up their game when it comes to growing a data-driven culture that can maximize the big data in their business.

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