Can you give me a 160 character business case for business analytics?

This is from a LinkedIn discussion thread and I found it worth sharing!

Can you give me a 160 character business case for business analytics?
The challenge, could you make the business case for business analytics in a tweet?
Here are some of the comments:
 BA reviews your promise to stakeholders- Growth in financials for shareholders, efficiency in operations for customers and talent management for the employees
 BA allows you to make business decisions based on insight gained from company data analyzed with appropriate statistical methods.
 Who would pass up chance to gain edge & grow value w/ new & better means of predicting risks, adapting trends, & helping customers? BA offers all this & more.
 BA =TimelyRelevantInfoToolsBusinessGrowthBetterPredictionsHappierCustomersBiggerProfitMarginsQualityEnhancementsOperationalImprovementsLegUpOnTheCompetitionWheee

And of course BPO Elite’s own..
 BA empowers managers and leaders to make data driven decision making!
The right decision at the right time is often the difference between success and failure!


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