Monetize Our Content

It really is not that hard to create a lot of content.

Maybe for me it’s easier than most because I like to talk, I like to write, I like to share and I like to educate.

But it’s still not as hard as so many other things people do every day to make money.

What is hard is creating content that is engaging. That enables curiosity and bring an emotional response. Content that is truly enchanting is rare.

If you can create engaging content, then you should be monetizing it.

There are so many ways to make money off of good content. Sometimes it takes some creativity. Sometimes it takes extra effort. Occasionally you have to spend money upfront to make money long term.

For DMAI we have a lot of content. Here is how we monetize it.

Books are the most traditional method. Given the amount of writing I have done on analytics these past few years, there is enough content for a half dozen books. And there are hundreds more in my head. Publishing a book and selling it on the side at speaking engagements is a nice, but fairly inconsistent revenue stream. But it is a good place to start.


E-Books is less costly than traditional books, but as whole still far popular. Getting people to pay for online content remains a very elusive prospect for most content creators. Still having that option available will add a little more revenue over time for very little cost.

Online only content for sale is another option. One I have as of yet, not tried. But again if there is a such a needs for analytics training and the ability to speak in person is limited, then providing online only content for a reasonable fee makes a lot of sense.

Webinars and videos are additional online revenue options. Getting people to pay for a series of online trainings is not something I have seem work with much success. YouTube kinda makes that nearly impossible. But in some cases, where you an offer a high quality production that delivers as well as the in person trainings do is something that some people would pay for. Need to look into this one some more.

Still though, the best money maker for DMAI is the fees I get when speaking or conducting training. The market price for these events continues to rise as the reality of their not being enough analytics experts to go around combines with the pressure people feel to get more out of their time and look to analytics as the solution.

That is why we are already planning our 2017 training schedule, blocking off dates for big events and getting on the calendars of companies looking for in house training.

Monetizing our content is not hard, it just takes sticking to a plan.

Small Business Analytics – The field of small business analytics is just starting to blossom as companies are looking for more data-driven decision-making to prosper in the age of Big Data. DMAIPH is at the fore front of providing analytics training, consulting and outsourcing options to small businesses. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to set up a free consultation on how to get more analytics in your small business.




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